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The capability of tracking what people are saying about your brand or business online has many advantages. You could leave prompt feedback on all the comments about you. It could go a long way in improving your products, as well as, services. Moreover, keeping constant track of what people are saying about you online would be useful for maintaining an impressive reputation online. As a small organization, it is of pivotal importance to keep monitoring your brand’s overall online reputation. Obtaining the trust of customers would certainly break or make your organization.

As per, as you go about creating a stratagem for repairing, creating, or even monitoring your reputation, it is of vital importance to identify the differences between diverse online reputation management tools and online management methods.

It may seem highly challenging or overwhelming to keep constant track of what people are saying about your business or brand but fortunately, there are a plethora of low-cost or even free tools that would be assisting you in monitoring your online reputation 24×7.

Two cycles of online reputation

Two cycles of online reputation

Brand 24

With the help of Brand 24, you could easily create Projects. Each Project would be monitoring an entity’s social mentions. At higher levels, one could be having multiple Projects, monitoring more than a single brand, or even precise campaigns for a single brand. You could search online for things by either typing in a host of keywords or just by specifying certain keywords to include and certain others to eliminate, for ensuring that you are not getting mentions that were certainly not what you seemed to be looking for. Brand 24 does more than just pulling in all mentions from the social networking sites.

It would meticulously crawl through the web monitoring every occurrence of all your non-eliminated keywords. It would be collecting in real-time all mentions that are publicly available to you right from news sites, social networking sites, blogs, videos, discussion forums, websites, Google reviews, and many other sources. Brand 24 offers several ways of filtering your data. Get in touch with a reliable and high-quality digital company such as RMG digital solutions.

Social Mention

Social Mention would be monitoring over 80 social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. The outcomes would be demonstrating the following data to assist you in measuring, monitoring, and enhancing your overall online brand reputation.

Strength: The probability of your brand being discussed on social networking sites.
Sentiments: The ratio of all the positive mentions to all negative mentions.
Passion: The possibility of people discussing your brand repeatedly.
Reach: The exact number of authentic authors who are writing about your brand or even mentioning your brand.

Google Alerts

Google has a broad spectrum of effective free tools for SMO, SEO professionals and marketers. Moreover, Google Alerts is a competent tool that is used by a seasoned marketer for content creation or even for monitoring your brand. Google Alerts could be regarded as a personalized Google search that provides you with notifications whenever new content is incorporated for keywords specified by you. This effective service is used for scanning and pulling important data and valuable information from relevant blogs, web pages, articles, or research within Google.


You could be performing searches manually for your company’s name on social media sites or search engines; however, you would come across just a handful of outcomes at best. The tools discussed above and several more such tools would be helping you in efficiently and meticulously monitoring your overall online reputation. Choose one or more tools that are best-suited to your brand.

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