About Us

I’m the webmaster of Hosting-reviews.co.uk. After going through the frustration of choosing a reliable web host, I created this website in 2017 to help others looking for their first web host.

I first started learning how to create websites back in 2015 after compilation of my basic schooling by teaching myself and my elder brother. I hosted my websites and made the jump to paid web hosting in 2015 when I was fairly confident with my skills.

Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake that so many people make when choosing a web host. I didn’t do my research! I found my first paid web host after being lured in by some glossy full page ads and assumed this was a legitimate web host. After all, they were taking out full page ads. Big mistake! The next thing I knew I was left with a slow web host with outsourced support that was only available five days a week! (Any legitimate web host will have 24/7/365 support).

These days, the barrier to entering the web hosting business is so low that anybody can setup their own web host in a week. The majority of web hosting review websites can’t be counted on to provide legitimate reviews either, as the listings are frequently tainted with paid rankings. I personally review every single web host with test accounts. I also use uptime monitoring scripts for web hosts I have yet to sign up for. I guarantee you will not go wrong with my picks.

Now, we are 8 members who constantly do research to improve our website and find best web host for you. There are so many factors while finding best web hosting providers in UK that includes price, tech support, customer support, software, traffic, uptime, space, quality, user friendliness, and number of reviews (positive and negative reviews). We do all kind of research so you can pick best hosting company as per your needs.

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