How Video Marketing Can Help you Market Well?

Video Marketing made its advent in 2016. Where people, a year ago, showed reluctance towards investing in visual marketing, today, no one keeps a doubt over it whether to start or not.

Visual modes of spreading information and motives have replaced other forms of communication and continue to change its norms with constant shifts in viewer preferences, platform offerings, and advertising options.

Marketing methods have seen an inclination towards the new buzzing trends of videos (short, descriptive, and meaningful) which have, undoubtedly, raised the sales and accelerated the revenues.

So have you taken a step towards Video Advertising?

Get Started With Video Marketing

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Video Marketing:

First things first, the two words themselves clear the meaning, nevertheless the definition could be well described as “a digital means of marketing where a visual form of data/content (i.e. a video) is recorded and posted with an intent to enhance your or your brand’s visibility on global grounds.”

[NB: “A video wherever and whenever recorded, must possess a PURPOSE.”]

Video marketing is worth the investment and can be used anywhere where platforms like YouTube (2nd largest search engine after Google), Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter prove to be great places to showcase your motive whether business or personal.

Videos involve content and adding these both in a purposeful way leads to the success of video marketing. But to progress, we need to have a strategy and a result-oriented plan. So let’s look out for what all is to be magnified while creating a video marketing plan.

Stressing Points in Video Marketing to Achieve Business Motives

To develop successful and reusable video content, there are some pointers where one needs to pay close attention to. So take a rundown below to the five major repeatable steps:

#1 Keep a note of your Want from the Video

Here you need to understand and evaluate yourself/your brand in order to make your product reach great visibility and analyze what video content will the best fit, which is valued by your customers.

The primary questions to ask before creating the video sample are:

  • Who are you?
  • Who will actually care?
  • How to benefit the customers?

#2 Keep a focus on the Audience to Capture

Here your buyer personas will help you target the right audience at the right time. You need to find out people, understand what they want and then, at last, you need to define the ideal customer after analyzing their behaviour.

#3 Keep a list of the Competitors

Competition keeps you going ahead and its really crucial to know your competitors from depth. You must identify the tactics they apply to produce video content and determine their strengths and loopholes to get better insights.

#4 Focus on the Video UVP

UVP is the Unique Value Proposition, which merely indicates your and your content’s specialty. This attribute determines your uniqueness as a brand or business and examines how you stand out differently from the crowd. Some factors influencing the same may include- style and tone of the video content, topics to cover, how to present it to the audience, etc.

#5 Forge the ultimate Plan

Here you need to sum up the video and the content written for it. Take care of the content as it must have a purpose to portray your ultimate message, and your video must also align in the best way possible.

The Success Mantra to Video Marketing

Viral is what matches well with the word ‘Video’!

But is your video viral yet?

No? The reason is that you focused only on making it viral rather than making it purposeful. Here you need to put some effort and try to connect both these words together with Video, so the formula goes like this:

Successful Video= Meaningful(purposeful) +Viral

Now let’s put our focus on some of the most effective ways that will help you propel the social presence of your business centring video marketing:

# Make your Video revolve around the actual Story

Create a scenario or a hypothetical situation or be practical, but the centre must not sales-oriented. Instead, the real message must be conveyed at last, which must force the audience to take action over it.

The marketing rules formed for Content Marketing applies to Video Marketing as well. Value the customers and their needs, be a part of their world and give them what they desire.

Take a look at one of the great storytelling videos as an example:

# Remember the 10 Seconds mantra

If your video fails to hook up the viewer for 10 seconds or more, it implies that you missed a vital element of video creation as it is analyzed that one-fifth of the video viewers close the video within 10s or less.

The user expectation must be met within the time interval of 5 seconds; only then, you will be able to quench the thirst and be successful in your marketing attempts. One can take the help of various video marketing software, whiteboard animation software, an explainer video software, etc. to succeed as planned and acquire the best marketing results even some websites use to make such softwares to make their animated videos.

Bring something new, fresh and curious!

# Add Humour, Kick off the Boredom

Take people out of their regular schedule where hardly anybody laughs. Make them enlightened and tell things in a humorous way. Comedy can’t work everywhere, but when it comes to reality, comedy scenes and punch lines can sarcastically express the motive where the masses can actually relate things well.

Don’t restrict to the strict tone; it’s not the one that influences people today rather make them yawn on the scripts. Add some playful and fun elements to the video to make it follow the Successful Video formula.

# SEO again has a Roleplay, Optimize the Video well

SEO ain’t going anywhere where you need to get your valuable video visible in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. Allow descriptions in your videos. Why? As they help the search spiders to get a gist of the video and help understand its entailed data/content.

So tag them well, use appropriate and relevant keywords, use unique and eccentric titles and descriptions.

# Engage, and Educate must be the Video’s motive

A fact to analyze: 65% of the populace is inclined towards visual learning.

Aware and Educate: this is probably the best way to get closer to people and get your valuable video widespread globally. Say, if you are creating a video to advertise your product/service, give them an additional video, explaining how the product works or how one can avail the service.

This would fulfill both your business goals and have high chances to get worldwide visibility and reach.

So the journey doesn’t end up here! There is a lot more when it comes to promotion via videos. Hope these revealed secrets will prove to be the best practices, thereby, ensuring your video marketing attempts smash your business/personal goals.

The Last Words

Video Marketing, when realized, accounts for a holistic business approach where today, a video is taken as a conversational, measurable, and actionable method to enhance your visibility which done by almost all the businesses to strengthen up their customer base.

2021 is the year of Video Advertising where video on landing pages increased the conversion rates to a great extent and is also capable of transforming the way a business markets and consumers shop.

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