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Welcome to our website, where you can write for us on the niche of SEO, SMO, Marketing, Social Media, Website Hosting, WordPress & VPN. We accept guest posting after reviewing it carefully.

  1. According to moz.com, our domain authority is 32
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Our Guest Posting Guidelines.

  1. Minimum Word Limit: 1500
  2. No Promotional Content
  3. Content Should In HTML Form in .doc file.
  4. Title Must Be Under 40-55 characters including high search volume keyword.
  5. Only accept original and fresh content.
  6. Include a photo (with source of the photo) that relates to your post
  7. Write content in short paragraphs or points.
  8. After publishing content on our website, you don’t have right to publish same content anywhere else.
  9. No spelling, grammatical mistake.
  10. We have right to remove your content without notifying you if we get duplicate content in future.
  11. One do-follow link.
  12. Please include your previous work & social media links, when you mail us.

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About Search Engine Optimization Or SEO

New to SEO? What does SEO interpret to you? SEO or Search Engine Optimization needs better understanding. To help you with that I have a quick and easy method to cover the basics. SEO is basically a practice made to work with increasing the quantity and quality of your website with the help of organic engine results. For instance, you might end of thinking Search Engine as a website where you speak out your queries into a box and search engine fetches you the related matching related results potentially to answer your question. So, how does this work?

Here’s how Google works with its crawlers it gathers information about the content that found on the web and builds an index. That index is likely to feed through an algorithm to match with the user query.

This is what an SEO stands for and with that Search Engine Optimization is basically measurable, repeatable process which sends signals to search engine for the pages that are worth showing in Google search results.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform to create beautifully designed website or blog. WordPress is one of the most enticing blogging and website management system CMS for beginners.

WordPress was developed and released in the year 2003 since, then; WordPress has become one of the populist web publishing platforms. Due to its high flexibility permits you to build and manage your website effortlessly. Although it completely free and there are millions of people who volunteer constantly in development of the WordPress improving the 1000’s of code for the WordPress software that will enable you to build any type of website you want.

Since early days of internet websites are made using the programming languages such as HTML, PHP as well the CSS to form varieties of format text, create page layouts, display images or so.

WordPress has much more to expect in coming days despite the fact is an open source and there are millions of people using it to learn to build and manage a website. Not only it’s flexible and extensible. WordPress also helps in improving the SEO of the blog or website.

The extensive research the WordPress goes on helps in improving site performance and issues with timely updates. It’s not another publishing platform rather it provides you the control of your own content.

About Social Media

It is a computer-based technology that offers unique sharing of ideas and information across virtual online communities. This is similar to interacting with the peoples in the physical world. However, Social Media plays an essential role in business, thus can be used to market products and promote your brand or connect with users/customers by being a company.

There are several reasons behind why social media created? One of them would be when blogging site became popular that’s why creating online channels through which respective website owner can interact with their fellow customers. Tanking these advantages Social Media growled louder with the ability to share photos, opinions, events and so much more.

Social Media is used for marketing and you might need to be active on social media for engaging with the clients and potential customers to help them. Get feedback and stay ahead of the competitors on a daily basis.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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