How To Make Money By Using Video Sharing Websites?

In today’s digital world of speedy Internet, mobile phones, and instant deliveries, it is no wonder that video sharing and video on demand is gaining momentum. With the rising scope of video on demand, the options to monetize your videos are also plenty. If you are brainstorming about how to start a streaming service like Netflix, that is the best alternative to make money online. But until you set up your own video streaming platform, you can still monetize your content using video sharing platforms that pay decent money for your efforts. If you are one of those creators who create awesome videos, these video sharing websites will add a lot in your passive revenue stream.

The most popular video content monetization strategies

Whether you are trying to monetize the content on your own video sharing platform or other video sharing websites, there are some popular video content monetization strategies you can adopt. Every channel has its own of way of making viewers pay to watch their favorite videos. Here are some of the most common video content monetization strategies you can use to make money.

Subscription model

The subscription model is one of the most common revenue models used by most video on demand businesses.

The most famous VOD providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime follows this revenue strategy to make money.

A subscription model offers unlimited access to video content for a fixed fee paid either on a quarterly, monthly, or yearly basis. Subscriptions are generally auto-renewed and viewers can cancel it at any time. Subscriptions are renewed for the same price and viewers can access the content unlimited until their subscription style. You can customize the subscription plans to leverage multiple revenue streams from the same model. For example, you can offer multiple plans with the same subscription, like allowing multiple logins and increase the number of users, offer different video streaming quality, etc.

For example, Hulu offers two plans that offer a lot of different perks suitable for a range of customers.

Earn Money By Video Sharing

Is this revenue strategy right for you?

SVOD revenue model best suits websites:

  • That has a vast library of videos.
  • Have the potential to accommodate a large audience.

This model suits your video sharing platform which has a wide range of entertainment video content like TV shows, movies, originals, and other programs. This Hulu and Netflix video on demand business model is great for video creators who create videos on entertainment or anything informative and engaging with a long term value.

Advertisement model

The advertising-supported model is another popular form of video streaming model where your users can access videos for free but have to watch ads that are displayed along with videos. Characteristics that make the advertising-supported revenue model is its ease of use, simplicity, and straightforwardness.

YouTube is an example of a video sharing platform that follows an ad-supported model.

How To Earn Money With Video Sharing Website

Ads are a powerful monetization strategy where advertisers pay a good amount of money to display their ads. Ad pricing greatly depends on the type of content you have and the popularity of your video sharing platforms. The ads inserted between videos can be as follows.

Pre-roll ads- These types of ads are played at the beginning of videos.

Mid-roll- These ads are played in the middle of videos

Post-roll- The ads that are played at the end of videos.

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Is this revenue strategy right for you?

Ad-supported video on demand business model is ideal for video creators or providers whose videos generate a good number of views. You can rely on this revenue model to gain users as you can attract them by offering video access for free. However, of you to generate significant revenue, you need to have a mass audience, regular video updates, social media engagement to drive more users, etc.

Pay per view revenue model

Video Sharing Website To Earn Money

Pay per view or transactional revenue model is where users have to pay for the videos they want to watch. This model works exactly like those DVD stores where you have to either buy or rent videos to watch. You can reserve premium quality content that achieves maximum viewers and exposure to specific user groups. In this revenue model, two options are there- Download to rent or electronic sell-through.

Purchasing allows users to download and keep the content with their either on the platform or download to their devices. Renting allows users to watch the content for a particular period of time. In pay per view, revenue model users need to pay for one-time access to the content. The nature of access can be-

  • Access videos for a fixed period of time on the platform.
  • Access videos indefinitely on the website.
  • Download videos for offline viewing.

Is this revenue strategy right for you?

Pay per view revenue model suits video content like movies and sports that has a huge fan following. It also works great for the video streaming of exclusive live content. However, when using pay per view revenue strategies, most video providers combine it with other business models if you offer seasonal content alone. Pay-per-view is amazingly good to make money if you have a library of exclusive content to offer to your viewers.

Hybrid revenue model

Many video sharing websites have started adopting hybrid revenue strategies that offer both a free, ad-supported and a pay per view, all together in one platform. This offers some great opportunities for the platform to convert an audience over to a particular model later. A strategic combination of subscriptions, advertising, and pay per view strategies can help you monetize your videos in the best way.

YouTube business model again is an example of a video platform that follows the advertisement model, subscription-based, and even pay per view options to users.

YouTube For Earning Money

Is this revenue strategy right for you?

If your video website grows in popularity every day, it is recommended to adopt a hybrid revenue model to make more money. You can combine all three revue strategies to deliver the best experience to all types of audiences. Hybrid revenue strategies suit a different range of users where some of them prefer a monthly subscription whereas other users prefer to pay only for the specific content they want to watch.

Tips and techniques that help you grow your revenue faster

As we head into 2020, videos are no longer a trend but a total must-have in today’s digital era. Videos have become an integral part of online content accounting for over 74% of overall online traffic produced. For the same reasons, it is significant to look into the techniques to increase your video revenue through a few enhancements to your platform and the content you create.

Establish a brand identity

The impact of first impressions holds a lot of significance. Brand identity is all about what you are and it must be always simple to understand for your viewers. Maintain a distinctive style in terms of content to stay distinctive among the competitions as well as to be identified as a unique brand. Video branding is an important part of any branding strategy, narrating your viewers a story about what your brand truly is.

For example, if you take the YouTube channel of Xbox, it uses a consistent tone of white, gray, and black through their channel.

How To Earn Money From Your Video Sharing Website

Maintaining the same layout, color scheme, typography that allows your viewers to identify your brand. When your viewers are able to figure out our presence, it is much easier to sell to them. Building a strong branding brings in more quality traffic that can be converted to sales.

Customize your thumbnails

If you take the thumbnails of the most popular videos, you can notice that all of them are attention-worthy. Customized and unique thumbnails always outdo the ones that are simply taken from videos. If you make YouTube videos, all the ones that rank the top have very distinctive thumbnails. It helps to increase your number of views, click-through rates and also improve the ranking of your videos. Another great technique is to add your brand name and logo in each video thumbnail. This helps your viewers to identify your content every time they see the same format.

Improve the visibility

Just like you leverage search engine optimization techniques to improve the findability of your website, it is also important to optimize your videos to make them visible when your audience search for it. Conduct extensive keyword research to develop and optimize content and make it more visible. Use free tools like Google trends and keyword tools to get a clear picture of what your audience search for on Google and video sharing platforms.

Pay attention to video length

The ideal length of the videos is a hot topic of debate. Yes, viewers have a small attention span these days, but that doesn’t imply that only short length videos perform well on the video-sharing platforms. It is important to focus on the engagement factor, too.  A thumb rule will be to keep your videos as long as it is engaging. When you are uploading content to other video sharing platforms, you need to keep in mind the perfect length that the platform permits. Instead, if you have a video sharing platform of your own, you can keep the video length according to your preference and type of content.

Viewing time doesn’t directly depend on the length of your videos but it is all about viewing the session’s length. Your videos benefit viewers the most if they tend to indulge more time viewing your videos. With short videos, keep the length to max 2 minutes, whereas for long videos, you can be flexible with the timing within a 10-15-minute time span. Obviously, your content will be the real factor, but setting a video length can help you to not go overboard.

Focus on CTAs

Use call to actions (CTA) as it has immense potential to drive viewers back to your channel and convert them into your consistent audience. If you want your viewers to subscribe to your video platform or check out your new releases, you have to make it clear. Use attractive and catchy CTAs that can trigger productive actions. To encourage people to subscribe to your platform, position the subscription plans accordingly so that they catch user attention.

Consistent video production and publishing

To stay in the minds of your audience, you need to be consistent in producing and publishing videos. Determine a strategy to follow no matter you are a popup entertainment or a provider of regular video content. To build and nurture a loyal and engaged user base, it is better to choose a consistent publishing schedule and make sure you stick to it. LED video wall hire option is one of the best things you can also use to watch website.

Besides clear benefits for your viewers, consistency can have a positive influence on video-sharing platform algorithms. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, YouTube crawler encourage viewers to visit your platform often. Plan in advance, produce videos in batches and schedule in advance to save tons of effort and energy without compensating on your normal schedule. Batch producing can help as you just have to set up lighting, camera, sound, etc. and shoot multiple videos in a single session.

Creating quality videos with fresh content on a regular basis is hard work, but the harder you try, the luckier you get and the more you can monetize your videos. When you post videos regularly, you gain more opportunities to become visible and memorable to your audience.

Host videos that your audience love to watch

This applies to video-sharing websites that are new in the industry. If you are just getting into the industry, carve a niche for yourself by hosting unique videos that your viewers love to watch.

To start with, do research on the type of video content your viewers love to watch. This helps to keep your video sharing website successful all the time. Ensure that you have a proper system and tools in place for video creation, storage, categorization, and broadcasting so that it becomes easy for your viewers to browse and find videos that suit them the best effortlessly.


With the advent of fast Internet and advanced technologies, people are moving from videos. Videos are going to be more popular than ever. Choosing the best monetization strategies for your video on demand business can be tricky, but do not hesitate to take professional consulting to find the right one for your platform. For any video sharing website, the type of content is a major influence when determining ways to make money from the content.

If you are truly seeking some effective ways to make money from video sharing, hope this blog gave you some valuable insights on the same. It is better to try out a few sites based on your content, traffic, site authority to find the best for you. If you want to take it to the next level, make your own website to monetize your videos in the best way. What is your experience of monetizing your videos? Please share your story in the comment section below.

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