AI in Dynamics 365. What All Can you do?

But, the reality is that artificial intelligence right now is just in its initial days and is far bigger than we can imagine right now. When the idea of replicating human intelligence was just blooming back in the 1940s, people were seen more scared than thrilled. They made laws where AI must not be replicated or bought in contact with humans since they had the potential to cause them any physical harm.  But, here we are today, surrounded by artificial intelligence in all directions, without any ifs and buts. Take a look around you to understand it in a better manner.

Be it a smart speaker, smartphone, home automation products, wearable devices, voice assistants, televisions or anything else. Everything today is powered by AI as organizations and enterprises all over the world try to capitalize on it. The point is that most organizations today know that artificial intelligence is the future of all technologies, which is why they are trying every bit to harness them into their products.

AI is Changing the Landscape

However, AI is not just being harnessed for the sake of it. It works miraculously when applied to any a plethora of things around us. It simplifies tasks that otherwise required a huge amount of labor and complex processes. AI also gives insights that were hitherto complex to extract or accomplish. This is reducing the human burden to a great extent and also performing far more complex computations that humans would do.

The most important aspect of AI comes in the fact that it saves time. Take businesses as an example. Customers form the backbone of any business, which makes it the organization’s responsibility to cater to their demands and make sure that they are adequately looked after. Having said this an organization or enterprise must dive down into studying the customer to know their likes and dislikes, wants and behaviors along with other things. In other words, they must understand their customer personas in order to develop their services or cater to their demands more effectively.

But, imagine that with the enormous amount of customers and the abundant source of data that they generate, it practically becomes impossible for humans to look at so many parameters, perform computations and make decisions based on them. Moreover, with a change in seasons, market forces, situations, and other factors, the behavior of customers changes rapidly. Imagine how difficult would it be for even a large group of humans to perform computations on top of these and keep on doing that endlessly.

However, the situation is different now that artificial intelligence is in the picture. AI can dive into deep and an extensive number of parameters and perform computations on of these like nothing else. With the historical and current data, it can predict customer behavior for the future so that businesses can finally prepare themselves for it. Moreover, it can also assist organizations to understand their own departments with precision and cater to their needs individually.

AI and CRMs

Most successful campaigns or products that might have seen are on account of artificial intelligence. Think about Coca Cola’s new flavor Cherry Sprite or Unilever’s cereal-based ice creams. The point is that the bigger the brand the more data they have at their discretion. Brands have people following them on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, while they themselves are selling through the widest network possible including online website, marketplaces, retail stores among others. The point is that all these sources generate data, whether you believe it or not. And for brands to truly carry out innovation, these data points must be combines and studied.

While CRMs are an excellent platform for capturing customer data, they have limited potential on their own. Surely they do help organizations and enterprises accumulate all customer data and interactions at one point, helping their sales and marketing teams to do more and serve the customer better. But imagine what AI would be able to accomplish, with all this data, input from sales representatives and more. Thank God, we don’t have to keep on wondering about it anymore. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers capitalizes on the potential of artificial intelligence for the good and is helping companies accomplish more than a few things with ease.

Sales Insights

Dynamic 365 CRM is powered by AI, thus helping organizations generate sales insights like never before. With this in the picture, organizations can increase sales and improve their decision making by many folds. The best part is that these insights will help leaders make decisions that are 100 percent backed by data and actual facts rather than their intuition. Businesses can now learn from their sales calls with conversational intelligence and make efforts towards improving them. Moreover, they can identify what is and what is not working vividly.

Customer Insights

Personalization is taking the world by the storm and is also the key to catering to the needs of a customer in a much better manner. Dynamic 365 offers an intuitive that helps in unlocking insights and powering personalized customer experiences. Moreover, brands can unify their customer’s data across all platforms to get a view of their customers.

Customer Service Insights

Improving customer satisfaction is one of the fundamental tasks for businesses unless they want their customers leaving them for other competitors. The AI-driven insights in Dynamic 365 help businesses take informed actions and make the benefits of AI real for their business.


Artificial Intelligence can have more impact on the business than what meets the eye. It doesn’t just fulfill the demands of each department of an organization but contributes towards the growth of it as a whole. Moreover, it is the key to staying competitive in the cut throat market competition.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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