Escalate Your Elearning Marketing Efforts with Push Notifications Instead of Emails

As already known, email marketing is the type of direct marketing that involves sending promotional messages to prospects. Until now, it was being used as an efficient, cost-effective method for customer acquisitions, creating awareness, increasing product sales or customer engagement across all industries including elearning. But, hold on! There’s a new marketing tool, namely, push notifications which are trending and has become one of the most preferred channels for marketers.

Push notifications are clickable messages sent either through a browser or a mobile application to subscribers when they’re surfing the internet. So, without further ado, below mentioned are five reasons why push notifications are preferred over emails and also why you must start leveraging this channel as a part of your elearning marketing strategy right away.

#1. Control lies with the subscribers

Unlike Email Marketing, subscribers have complete control over the information they receive in the form of notifications and they can choose to unsubscribe at any time they desire. However, this functionality is not possible when it comes to email as there is no control in the hands of subscribers. Neither they can mark any undesired emails as spam because they’ll again receive the same emails via different servers nor can they add a filter to move them to spam.

#2. Subscribers provide accurate contact information

Subscribers cannot provide fake contact information in case of push notifications as the fact that the browser helps handle the subscription on behalf of the visitor. It is beneficial for both the customer as well as a marketer. While fake email registration is possible in emails, customers can’t do so in the case of push notifications. This means, all subscribers will provide you with 100% accurate information. For instance, if a push notification for a new course pops up and requires the customers’ email address, they will provide the correct one to avail whatever benefit is associated with it.

#3. Push notifications are subscribed and delivered instantly

In case you wish to show some urgency, maybe during an online ecommerce sale, or to notify users of an elearning webinar about to take place any time during the day, push notifications are the best resort as these are delivered instantaneously to respective subscribers. They don’t have to be on a particular website or application and shall receive notifications when connected to the internet in both cases.

Moreover, subscribing to push notifications is a lot easier and not at all tedious since it just involves two steps, i.e. receive prompt and click allow. On the other hand, subscribing to emails is a lengthy process as users have to submit an email address after pondering upon which one to give- real or fake one which is followed by various other steps.

#4. Push notifications boast of a higher CTR

Since push notifications are less crowded than emails, they tend to have a higher click-through rate and it is certainly a lot easier for them to stand out of the crowd.

On this note, you must also be aware of the fact that a lot of time and resources are invested in designing industry specific emails to target the respective audiences. Although push notifications also have a standard format but these are not lengthy or do not comprise too many elements hence these can easily be created with minimal time and effort. This simply reinstates the need for investing in push notifications today for your elearning company.

#5. Push subscribers cannot be bought, sold or transferred

As mentioned earlier, web push notifications are neutral because of the fact that they’re operated via the browser. When visitors subscribe to a website, that website essentially receives a unique code which is what gives them permission to send notifications to the user. That code is tied together in a corresponding key which must always be used together to send across notifications. The key, however, is never shown publicly so without it the code is worthless. Hence, when no other person is able to access it this means that push subscribers remain unique and cannot be bought, sold, or transferred.

Well, now you have 5 reasons to escalate your elearning marketing efforts with push notifications if haven’t yet already! Take advantage of this great marketing channel today. Meanwhile, you can also have a look at the complete elearning push notifications guide to avail in-depth knowledge about the same.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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