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It’s quite a task to figure out which webmail service feeds your needs the best providing enough security online, reliable user experience, overall a satisfactory free email service as there are plenty of options available today. Microsoft’s email service Hotmail though is the second most popular comparable to Google’s Email.

Basically, hotmail serve you in sending and receiving emails without any cost from across the globe to anyone residing in any corner of the world where inhabitants are blessed with internet.

Hotmail is known for its anti-spam and online threat protected secured service. It is also connected to few other services like Skype, Windows Live ID, Xbox Live and many other Microsoft services.

And, if you aren’t yet a hotmail email user, maybe it’s time you make a consideration. We have come up with everything you need to know about Windows Live Hotmail, from the stories behind and their features to sign up procedures from varied devices.

Before you find out how to login Hotmail UK account and services it offers, you might want to take a look at the Hotmail history.

How to Create Hotmail or Outlook Account?

In order to able all the Hotmail email service features, you will need an account indeed. An Outlook account can be created easily, all you need is to follow a couple of steps.

  • Visit Outlook sign in page and then click on “Create one!” option below.
  • Now choose an email ID or you can use your existing phone no and email.
  • Create your password that must contain at least 8 characters and any two options of uppercase/lowercase, number, or symbol.
  • Click “Next” button.
  • Enter your first and last name and then hit “Next” button.
  • Choose your country/region and DOB.
  • Enter Captcha code and click Next.

Once your Hotmail account is successfully created, you can login to your account from any kind off device.

Hotmail Login UK

Step #1. Visit Official Website
Step #2. Enter Your Hotmail/Outlook ID
Step #3. Click “Next” Button
Step #4. Enter Password
Step #5. Click On “Sign In” Button

A hotmail account can be accessed through a web browser or using its mobile app. Outlook app is available for the Windows Phone, Android and iOS users. One can easily create and login to Hotmail account irrespective of the device they are using. Here is the step-by-step procedure to login to Hotmail account from Android, iOS, and Desktop.

How to Login UK Account in Android:

  • First of all, download Outlook App for Android from its official site or Play Store.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed, launch the app and tap “Get Started” button.
  • Under Add Account section, enter your primary or personal email ID and hit “Continue” button.
  • Enter your password and pick a name.
  • Now click on “Setup Account Manually”.
  • Now tap the “tick-mark icon” to the top right corner.
  • Then you will be asked to add another account. You can choose either way.

 How to Login Email Account in iOS:

  • Download and install the Outlook app for iOS.
  • Launch the app and tap on the “Get Started” button.
  • Enter you existing email address and tab “Add Account” option.
  • Next enter your account password and tap “Sign in” button.

 How to Login Email Account in Windows Phone:

  • From your App list, go to device “Settings” option.
  • Tap on “email+accounts” option and the tap on “Add an Account”.
  • Now choose your account type as “Exchange.” (Outlook no longer support Windows 7)
  • Next you can enter your email address as well as password and then tap on Sign in.
  • After that tap on “No” option.

How to Sign In Hotmail Email UK Account in Desktop:

  • From your Mac or Windows browser tool, visit Hotmail login UK page.
  • There you enter your existing email address or username for instance [email protected] (Provide Hotmail ID)

hotmail co uk sign in

  • Enter your Hotmail account password and finally, click on the “Sign in” button.

hotmail co uk login

So, that’s how you can sign in to your Hotmail account from various devices and your Outlook email activities are synced automatically to all the devices you are signed in.

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About Hotmail

Initiated back in 1995 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, Hotmail terms was inspired by and honouring HTML. HTML – HoTMaiL. Microsoft possessed over Hotmail in December, 1997 and it has grown to one of the most admired free email services ever since.

By 2001, over 100 million users switched and started using Hotmail whilst at that moment Hotmail barely provided few basic email features like sending/receiving emails, virus scanning, spam filters, address book to save contact list, schedule calendar, etc including 250MB free storage space.

Over the past decade, Microsoft has attempted changing the user interface and overall service of Hotmail in pursuance of providing a better email service. With the vision of making Hotmail a faster, safer, and more user-friendly email service; in November 2005 Microsoft had taken a huge step building a whole new interface of their email service. By 2006, it was already appreciated and known as Windows Live Hotmail by millions of users worldwide. It didn’t stop there.

As a part of the progress Re-Branding of Hotmail to Outlook was done in 2012. By then the old-school Hotmail was no longer exist. The old main Hotmail domain was redirected to new Outlook email service. Email Ids created with Hotmail are moved to the new interface.

Today, Hotmail is packed with quite a handful of great features worth applauding.

 Hotmail Features:

With an intend to make the service better and satisfying millions of users, Hotmail has been updated with many new features over the time. According to Microsoft’s recent announcement, best Hotmail (Outlook) features are shaped as below.

#1: Active View: Active View is primarily of a way to direct interaction with email contacts. External services like Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter are now directly connected to the Hotmail or Outlook to serve external contents available to view through the email interface itself. For example, when you receive an email containing YouTube video link, you can play or watch the video without making effort of landing on YouTube.

Active View Outlook feature is an additional catch for people who are using United States Postal Service for shipping purpose. It can track the items real-time and show the shipping status right from the email window.

#2: Calendar: Outlook Calendar looks a lot similar to Widows Calendar which was initially released in 2008 with the name Windows Live Calendar. Both came with almost the same features and user-interface. If you are also using ICalendar, you can attempt to export and import files to Outlook Calendar.

Outlook Calendar allows you to create and share your own calendar with your contacts anywhere anytime. The shared Outlook Calendar also comes with permission feature and its drag and drop feature and also it has a great user interface pleasant managing the calendar.

#3: People and Outlook Contacts: In the initial days, it was called Windows Live People or Windows Live Contacts, today its Outlook Contacts. The feature allows users to manage contact list as such removing duplicate contacts from list, creating group etc. The feature also helps you stay connected to social media contacts from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

There is a mobile app called People that accompany the best to Outlook Contacts feature. It’s a direct access to the feature allowing you to view friend list, monitor their status updates without even opening Twitter or Facebook app.

#4: MS Office Integration: You can integrate Outlook account with MS Office in both online and offline. When online, you can access to all your Office products using Hotmail Account and all the documents are saved in Onedrive storage. Every offline MS office products are synced online and your login email account to manage these products online using Hotmail and these products are also can be used offline in the same manner.

#5: Skype Integration: As we have mentioned earlier, with help of Active View feature of Hotmail, you can now send, receive, and read messages For Skype and also able make Skype video calls right from the Outlook email interface. For Skype app doesn’t need to be opened.

#6: Task Items: If you have some events coming up or there are certain work do in a certain day/time, all of these can be tracked and reminded until you are done with them. Outlook keeps these terms as TASK.

#7: Aliases: One of the best features of Outlook is ALIAS. With Alias, you are allowed to create 10 unique Email Ids for different purposes and will share the contact lists, inbox, as well as account Settings. Whether you are managing a business email or personal email, everything is at one place. These Alias Ids also can be used for sending normal emails without giving away information about the main ID.

#8: Virtual Broom or Sweep: The Outlook Sweep or Virtual Broom comes with a lot of work to do and it does. Especially bulk-works that requires more time can be done using Sweep at once. As an example, if you want to delete the entire emails from a particular sender, you can simply create Sweep for that Sender name and will be done in no time.

Processing bulk, emails, deleting multiple emails, or moving bulk email contents all can be done in few click using Sweep rules from Outlook.

#9: Quick View & One-Click Filter: It is obvious that over the time your email ID would be reached to spam masters and you are likely to receive many emails that you don’t want to look at. Chances are that many important emails get lost between those spam contents. In that point you will want to get a custom email filter. Quick View helps you filtering useless emails and shows you the ones that matters.

As of 2017 update, Outlook has brought many changes to its service and made sure to remain one of the most reliable email services in the digital world. There is also premium version of Outlook that expanded the features it provides. Larger storage space, ad-free user interface, etc. are the additional features you get from Outlook premium. Switch to Outlook today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free web-based email founded by “Sabeer Bhatia” back in 1996, where the domain name is, and so on. In December 1997, he sold Hotmail to Microsoft in $400 million and now Hotmail is the part of Microsoft Outlook.

What are some Hotmail's cool features?

#1. Real Time Document Collaboration #2. Send Huge Files #3. Send And View Images #4. Powerful spam filter #5. Onedrive integration #6. Reading Pane #7. Calendar management #8. Attachment sharing #9. Email scheduling #10. Automatic reminders

How to Hotmail UK Account?

You can have to visit their, enter email & password then click on login or sign in button.

Can I access Skype With Hotmail Account?

Yes, you can easily create & access using your Hotmail account as it is also Microsoft’s service.

Can I reopen my Hotmail account again after deleting it permanently?

Yes, Hotmail gives you service to retrieve your Hotmail account without any disturbance if you login your Microsoft or Hotmail account within 60 days and if it’s been longer than 60 days then nothing can happen as they delete everything forever.

How big file can I send through Hotmail?

You can send up to 10 GB file at once using Microsoft’s onedrive service.

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