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WordPress is known as the simplest yet highly popular way to create one’s blog or website. According to the statistics, it holds the largest share of the world’s websites, including the ones aimed at any sort of e-commerce. Such numbers show that WordPress is a very reliable platform that is useful for creating virtually any type of website, including:

  • e-commerce store;
  • blog;
  • forum;
  • business page;
  • pretty much anything you can think of.

So, if you’re looking for a way to create your own, unique, WordPress website for whatever purpose you want, either it is business or education, it is better to get some knowledge stacked up in your sleeve. That’s why anyone who wants to run a personal website should be knowledgeable of this platform and there are tutors to help out with this. Although there are some WordPress competitors around, using it is quite easy and manageable by anyone with appropriate help.

To help you out in your personal or business endeavors, you can look for online tutoring services review, and this list is aimed at helping you out to find the best websites that can easily provide you with tutoring services regarding WordPress. “Take a look at it as it can narrow down your search quite dramatically”, says expert reviewer Alina Burakova, from EduReviewer,

#1. Chegg

Let’s begin with that one website that almost every student encounters at some point of the time when desperately looking for an answer to an assignment or any sort of academic assistance. This platform is known for several things that include:

  • assignment help;
  • tips;
  • knowledge base;
  • textbook rental service;
  • tutor services.

This website is of great value for several reasons. First of all, the pricing is quite fair and not too over-the-top. Secondly, its tutors are professionals with considerable experience behind them. The same goes for the lessons regarding WordPress. There are lots of tutors available online on a constant basis, so you can easily enter the platform and find a tutor to help you out with the task at hand. Just type in the discipline that you are interested in, and the website will pair you with a tutor, and there you are!

This is very convenient and useful because Chegg tutors are helping at figuring things out, but they do not do everything for you. This way, you will be able to actually learn WordPress! Coupled with highly professional and experienced customer service representatives that are always there to help out, this website is a reliable option for those who need to sharpen their knowledge of WordPress and other relevant topics.

#2. Varsity Tutors

This one is quite interesting. First of all, this particular website is a platform designed to teach you WordPress exclusively. So, there you have it – a fully dedicated service that works on what you need. The second thing worth mentioning is the fact that you can choose private in-home and online lessons. Although this list is solely about online WordPress tutoring, having an option of in-home education is quite charming and convenient, if you’re into face-to-face education and not only this but a tutor can teach or work from home.

It is also worth mentioning that Varsity Tutors’ basic list of services is quite extensive and covers all the elements that are needed to get started and even make some interesting things:

  • installation and configuration of WordPress;
  • explanation of themes and other visual editors;
  • administration of the website;
  • plugins and their effective use;
  • e-commerce things;

That is quite an impressive list of basic things to learn from a tutor. So, if you’re looking for more advanced knowledge, Varsity Tutors is a way to go. As for the pricing, it is possible to “share” the course among family members, thus giving any client an option of including other interested people to create a financial pool of collective studying. That is quite impressive and innovative, one would say.

So, there we have it – Varsity Tutors is a fully dedicated WordPress tutoring website with established knowledge base and thousands of tutors available, coupled with interesting pricing options and in-home and online learning sessions. A list is impressive and provides a flexible learning experience.

#3. Wyzant

This online community is quite “old,” if one could say so about anything on the Internet, and was established in 2005. It is all about connecting online tutors with students and parents. The service itself is quite easy to understand, making it transparent and user-friendly. When entering “WordPress” in the website’s search engine, you are able to see that there is a choice of tutors information about each of them regarding different details about work:

  • hourly payments;
  • expertise;
  • total hours tutoring on the website;
  • ratings;
  • schedules;

It is also worth noting that the majority of tutors are offering the first hour for free, just so you can come to a conclusion whether a particular teacher is appropriate for you. A list of different filters includes day-to-day availability of tutors, type of lessons (personal or online), gender preference, and background check!

This way, you are able to find a perfect tutor and ever check out background information about them in order to see whether they are qualified to teach. However, every tutor is going through a check when signing up for a job at Wyzant, so this is just a precaution for clients. After all, knowledge is everything, and you want your WordPress tutor to be a professional with experience.


Quite shockingly easy name for a service. Similar to the previous entry, this one is about connecting students to teachers around the world. It is quite pleasant to know that this particular website is operating with some solid values in mind that include ideas, such as the inclusion of everyone, quality of information, zero tolerance to scammers, and client-first policy.

These things are capturing and the list of teachers is just as extensive as in the previous entries in this list. Even more, is about giving information in the most convenient way possible in every meaning of this word. That is why prices on this website can be quite pleasantly surprising for you.

Coupled with the strict policy of hiring only professionals, you can rest assured that your WordPress lessons will be held by professionals who offer flexible pricing and studying conditions. After all, is more of an intermediary platform, and you can negotiate all the terms with a potential tutor.

Contacting up to three teachers is free of any charge, and you’ll decide together about things such as payment methods, what has to be done, and so on. Anyway, is a great service to look for if you’re trying to acquire more knowledge about WordPress while being finance-conscious.

#5. Udemy

Now, the final entry is yet another interesting one. Udemy platform functions just as the previous ones in this list and its distinguishing feature is the scale. There are more than 57,000 tutors, and this company is trusted by some of Fortune 100 companies, which is a sign. The list of different courses is just giant, and you can find everything.

Udemy is trusted by lots of famous companies to carry staff education, which means that the company and its tutors are highly skilled and can handle virtually any kind of student. Such a reputation is itself worth going through, isn’t it?

Your desire for WordPress knowledge can be satisfied as the list of courses includes both basic stuff and advanced knowledge. There is also a possibility of finding a tutor to suit your individual needs if you just want some specific information about intricate aspects of the website-building platform.


WordPress is a great platform for anyone interested in all sorts of web content. You’re an aspiring businessman, blogger, or freelance-working student? This resource is just for you – it is easy, very popular, and suitable for almost everything out there. That is why knowing WordPress is a great addition to your skills.

While some people may have learned about it during college or university years, others may be unfamiliar with it. That is why finding an online tutor is a great way to learn about WordPress while enjoying things such as comfortability of your home and low costs of studying. The current level of online education provides more than enough opportunities to study online, and there are lots of companies that are going to gladly provide their services.

This list of five tutoring websites considers the quality of service, number of tutors, their flexibility, pricing, and compatibility with WordPress. That is why each entry in this list is a viable option for your WordPress education. Some platforms are emphasizing pricing, while others are focused on providing knowledge that was tested by some of the most famous brands out there.

Either way, being knowledgeable of the platform that is used by more than a third of the whole Internet means that you will be able to excel in virtually any sort of activity that you choose to do. Whether it is a small business, blog, forum, or e-commerce store, you can find a tutor to explain everything!

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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