Top 10 Custom Web Design Companies in 2020

In the world of the internet, you’ll find hundreds of web design companies and freelancers that title themselves to design and code custom websites.

However, in the list of the companies and freelancers, many are unable to code custom layouts and design a website and instead they usually select a template and add your logo and info and deceive you while charging you a lot, this happens to most of the people don’t have much expertise in this field.

Being informed with sufficient info is crucial when it comes to making a custom-built website for your company. You should be able to recognize between the template and a custom-built layout as a template won’t scale your business as much as a website that took a team to work for hours building it. Some teams deploy ideas, skills, and experience to make a site worthy of the investment done by the buyer.

In this article, you will learn why you need a custom-designed site and which legitimate freelancers or web design companies you should hire for this job.

Reasons to Have a Custom Designed Website Rather than using a Template

However, there are several reasons to consider but here are some of them that are critical.

As your company grows, your websites need upgrading too. In case if your website isn’t designed properly later you may find your site stagnant, slow and may become hard to upgrade the site. Even later you have to hire a developer and wait for over a week to complete it and this is what you can’t afford.

Custom designing companies and freelancers know how to formulate, code, and deploy a custom website that helps you rank and scale your website easily. Hiring experienced teams will benefit you in different ways like they don’t compromise on the quality of the site after service customer support is provided, and so on.

The website you build needs to be appropriate according to your intended audience. The design of your site can influence a sale whether it will help you make a sale or it will break a sale. Your impression counts, make it worth it.

Apart from the above, there are other benefits as well but let’s stick with the main topic and talk about the top companies and freelancers that have specialization in custom web designing and development. All the listed companies and individuals are great in their work so there is no number or ranking they are listed randomly.

Freelance Webdesign UK

Before talking about agencies, freelancers are also here to help you out. A freelance web designer is not only as professional as the companies but they are extremely cheaper as compared to big companies.

Freelance Web Designer is a UK based freelancer that help people to create, manage, and market site for people. He is one of the best known in the UK as he is award-winning as well because of the work he produced in recent times.

As compared a freelancer can be a more efficient choice if you have a small to medium-sized business or you have not that much high budget as needed by the agencies. This freelancer will code and set your website that will be both user and SEO friendly.

Getting services from him will benefit you for a long time and you don’t have to worry about your site. All you need is to contact them and let them know about your product and needs and your work will be done in no time and you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to create a site for your business.

Lform Design

If you are looking for a company that does a killer job when it comes to building customized websites, Lform got your back. As one of the best companies that provide digital marketing services it also helps people to create a website with high precision and accuracy to grow their business using the online platform.

It doesn’t matter if your site’s niche is related to manufacturing, sales, engineering, or anything the first step you know is the innovation.

This company combines intelligence, creativity with the support of technology to create solutions, digital designs, and fruitful results that you need. They will help you create a site that will be suitable according to your audience and will help you generate sales and drive more people to your business.

Kuno Creative

This company was founded in 2000 to help people resolve their issues and help them to grow their business. With brilliant ideas and remarkable work they have gained hundreds of clients and have done brilliant work according to the demands.

Manufacturing a good site with them is easy. Just get in touch with them and your work will be done in some days. They may look a bit expensive but the work is more professional and they are trustworthy as well.

Bop Design

This is one firm located in Manhattan that provides different services including web designing and marketing. This firm is an expert in making organic marketing strategies that include content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, web design, branding, and log design. They provide a complete package that you don’t have to worry about anything about your site.

Also, they have great customer service and are available when in need.

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is an agency that is an expert in making websites and developing unique layouts for each website. This company takes and analyzes the brand or product of the client before getting started to make a custom design pattern.

This is one important reason why this company is so successful. Their research gives them an idea about what kind of design will be suitable to engage people on the site. Their efforts have to lead them to many awards for their work and efforts. Employees in this company is a team of the content writers, graphic designers, graphic artists, developer, designers, and also digital market specialists that knows about the demands of the market and evaluate the market to make the design that is desired.

The main thing this company focuses on is they create simple and appealing designs to increase the number of users and customers.


Doejo is one company that is known to be providing excellent services to clients. The main reason why you should choose them is that they provide unique designs that represent your brand and products more efficiently.

Not only just for products, if you want a site to promote your services online, but Doejo is also here to help as they have already served a range of clients with different needs. They also help in managing the content of a site with marketing.

Different strategies are used by Doejo to achieve success in every project like UX strategic designing and branding practices.


Simple designs and straightforward websites are what Eigh25Media offers. The company is well known for its consulting and strategic sites they build. Their team of programmers and designers makes a website that looks simple and unique.

This company is well known for using conventional methods to create sites. The site goes through different processes and people to make it the best a client wants. They follow the latest designs and trends and use them in different sites.

They also consider each requirement from the client as if they want an E-commerce site they help in that too but the cost is more.

North Kingdom

This is another web designing company that provides services to solve people’s problems. The main thing this company does is designing, digital marketing strategies, creative visions, and tech.

This company is famous because it creates high-quality products by using art directions, gaming designs, motions, and prototyping.

A high level of creativity made this company prosper and enabled them to work with clients from top companies in the world. Some of the clients of these companies were from Google, King, and so on.


Ruckus is one company that is the inspiration for similar companies as they focus mainly on creating sites through creative ideas and creative solutions.

The company has employees with the talent to create sites that clients need. The company assigns individuals and teams to each project to give clients an amazingly friendly and unique experience.

Ruckus knows that a website is what reflects a brand, product, and business online. It is crucial to create an eye-catchy site to gain more sales, customers, and leads through the website. Give them a try and you won’t regret later.

SEM Geeks

This is one digital marketing and web design agency that offers a variety of services including SEO, automation, PPC (pay-per-click), social media marketing, web development, and web design.

They have a stack of experts and experienced professionals that can deliver projects according to the demands of the clients.

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