Hashtag Guide – A Hashtag Campaign With Examples

Being a social media marketer or a business owner, you must be well aware of the significance and relevance of Hashtags for your business promotions. Let’s admit it – Hashtags are everywhere!

Who would ever know that the # sign would become a revolution in itself and help small and upcoming businesses reach the pinnacle of success?

Hashtags have gradually emerged and become a daily part of our conversation, especially on social media platforms. Whenever we feel strongly about something and want to increase the visibility of our posts, we simply use a Hashtag to increase the reach.

Due to the above-stated reasons, brands have started utilizing social media platforms due to many daily users and, most importantly, Hashtags to increase their brand recognition, visibility, and user engagement.

It may sound simple but conducting a hashtag campaign requires a lot of brainstorming and proper planning and execution.

Keep reading the blog to the end, and by the end of the blog, you will have a proper blueprint about running a successful hashtag campaign with perfect hashtag examples.

Let’s get started

Strategies To Conduct A Successful Hashtag Campaign

#1 Research About What’s Trending

Before starting any campaign, it is most important to conduct extensive research to understand and get clarity on what step to take next. You must know about the trending topics around which you can develop a hashtag campaign.

Moreover, understand your competitors also and research their ongoing campaigns and study the results. It will help you understand how people are likely to react to your campaign.

Additionally, conducting research makes you prepared about what to expect and what the people are currently reacting to most.

It helps you estimate the probability of success that you are likely to achieve.

#2 Go Easy On The Name

While you may feel it is pointless to scratch your brains after a name, we highly recommend you take all the time you need to finalize the hashtag’s name. People resonate the most with the name.

An easy-to-understand, short and crisp hashtag makes people resonate better, and they find it easier to memorize.

One important tip to keep in mind is capitalizing the first letter of every word like the #IceBucketChallenge is one of the best trending hashtag examples. It connected well with people and compelled them to participate in the campaign because it resonated well with the audiences, was easy to understand, and was unique.

#3 Make An Emotional Connect

The most successful campaigns have usually had an emotional message, so they turned out to be successful.

Take a moment to recall the #ChallengeAccepted campaign, which was about women empowering other women. The campaign was about posting black and white selfies on the handle and nominating other women to participate. We all know the result. It turned out to be a huge hit, with multiple celebrities like Kristen Bell, Kim Kardashian, etc., also participating in the campaign.

This hashtag campaign mainly worked because it created an emotional impact on the audience.

#4 Be Clear About Your Campaign  

Always remember to be crystal clear about the name and the intent of the campaign. While giving a hilarious twist to the campaign can be a good strategy to gain attention, make sure that you are not offensive in any way and decide the name so that the intent is totally clear.

When the famous food chain Mcdonald’s came up with the #McDStories as branded hashtags, it did not connect too well with the audience, and they ended up writing about their bad experiences with McDonalds. As a result, the burger chain had to face the wrath of the audiences, and the campaign turned out to be a flop.

Moral of the story: Keep your intent clear and name a campaign in such a way that is unique but easily understood by the audience.

#5 Monitor The Performance Of The Campaign

Whenever you conduct a hashtag campaign, be sure that you monitor how the campaign is performing. You need to keep track of the number of likes and comments, retweets, a number of posts using the hashtag, and various other crucial details to understand how the audience is reacting and are likely to respond as the days pass by.

It will clarify the factors where you need to improvise when you conduct your next hashtag campaign!

After completing the campaign, you can utilize the content by embedding it into your website. Collecting User-Generated Content and displaying it into your website can do wonders for your brand as it builds social proof and instills confidence and faith in your website visitors.

Final Thoughts

Hashtag Campaigns are without a doubt one of the most trending, popular, and result-driven marketing campaigns to create the much-required buzz about your brand.

When implemented correctly, while paying attention to detail, thoroughly researching, and monitoring everyday data, Hashtag campaigns can surely improve your engagement with your audience, increase your communication with your customers and improve your brand visibility and presence.

We have mentioned the best strategies to keep in mind while creating your hashtag campaign in this blog. All you have to do is keep the strategies in mind and plan accordingly!

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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