Best “Free” Web Hosting Sites (2021)

The word “FREE” has many emotions filled inside it and it is eye catchy word. Most of companies use the word free to market their products. Whether the product is web hosting or a domain or some other product like SSL certificate. I have found that few companies offer free domain along with a one-year web hosting subscription. But there will be some terms and conditions hidden inside it. It may be you have to buy Web Hosting for a year or you have to buy the higher plans.

So you might be thinking about why people provide free web hosting and how it will be beneficial to them. Let me clear out your doubts.

  1. With the word free, the website will generate lots and lots of traffic to their website and once you have made the traffic who got used to your website, no matter what, they will still follow you. This is the trick behind free web hosting companies.
  2. Few companies provide very fewer services with free web hosting and once the customer starts using it and gains traffic, they feel the issue of resources. This time they will be forced to go for paid web hosting. This is another marketing gimmick.
  3. The word FREE transfers very easily through word of mouth. Once a person takes Free web hosting UK and hosts his website, he will inform his friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.
  4. By providing free web hosting, you can market your other products that are related to web hosting with your website such as Domain name, SSL Certificate, control panel which your customer will need to host the website.

I have just included a few points which are important while planning to buy Free web hosting. Further, we will see which are the free web hosting sites and their advantages along with their disadvantages.

Top 3 Best “Free” Website Hosting Options

  1. – Beginner-friendly free web hosting.
  2. – Free hosting with a lot of server space.
  3. – Best free web hosting with site builder.

Let’s have a look at them in more detail:

1. – Beginner-friendly free web hosting

Free Web Hosting WordPress

Uptime 100.00%
Speed 108ms
Disk Space 3GB
Bandwidth Unspecified
Support Community, knowledgebase
Email Accounts Forwarder

These days people are using and creating more and more websites with this CMS (Content Management System). It is very easy to create a website with the help of WordPress as it is very user-friendly. It provides vast options in templates, plugins which are free as well as paid. If you are going for a free WordPress website then you can easily make use of it to create your website. It does not force you to buy a domain nor an SSL. There are no hidden charges in WordPress. You can easily host and use your website with WordPress.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress

With free WordPress web hosting, you will be restricted to use the free plugins and themes which will not be updated. You are forced to run ads on your websites and you will not receive any benefits out of it. If you need support then you will need to wait for the support as you will not be provided with high priority support. There are many free themes included in WordPress with an encrypted link to spammy websites and malware. You will not be allowed to create an eCommerce website with free WordPress hosting.

Key Features:

  • Includes premium plans other than the free service.
  • Hundreds of themes to choose from.
  • Mobile-friendly site creation.
  • Fast & Friendly customer support.
  • Mobile and Desktop apps are available.
  • Built-in social sharing with in-depth stats.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Beginner is friendly with guides.
  • No need to download any software or installer.
  • Free for up to 3 GB disk space.
  • Automatic updates and backups.
  • Hundreds of customizing themes available.

  • Ads will be placed on your free site without you getting the advantage.
  • Your site can be deleted if you violate their Terms of Service.
  • You cannot build membership websites.

2. – Free hosting with a lot of server space.

Weebly Best Free Hosting Site

Uptime 99.99%
Speed 308ms
Disk Space 500MB
Bandwidth 500MB
Support Knowledgebase, tickets, callback, live chat
Email Accounts Not Provided

This is another free web hosting company that provides you with really very good services at no additional charges. If you want to use Weebly then you will be forced to use the sub-domain of Weebly. It is very easy to create a website at Weebly with very easy instructions and steps which has a simple drag and drop website builder. It provides you customization options through mobile applications as well. As compared to other free web hosting companies, Weebly is known for its security and speed.

Disadvantages of using Weebly

In Weebly, you have to use the subdomain of their main domain and you will not be provided with complete access to the web hosting. As compared to other website builders, Weebly is not efficient as the CMS is not user-friendly and it is very restricted. With Weebly free web hosting, you will not be allowed to add an SSL certificate, analytics and customization tools, etc. However Weebly does give the option of fixing 404 errors & redirecting old links. Migrating your Weebly website to any other platform such as WordPress is difficult.

3. – Best free web hosting with site builder

Wix Free Host

This is yet another powerful free Webhosting website that allows easy drag and drops website designing which has a very big fan base as it is very simple and anyone can use it easily. You will need to use the Wix subdomain if you want free Webhosting. With the help of Wix, you can launch a quick website. When it comes to speed, wix is comparatively slower.

Disadvantages of Wix

Free Wix web hosting is not suitable for professional website designers or app developers who want to start building the web application. They lag behind the control facility and also they don’t have advanced features that the current generation needs.


There are still many other free web hosting companies but I feel WordPress, Weebly and Wix are the top free Webhosting providers. Yes, they are good but as everything has both sides of a coin, they have positive as well as negative sides. You should be a good judge while choosing your free web hosting company.

We would suggest you to buy VPS hosting for your business rather than investing your time on Free web hosting. VPS Hosting is affordable and also provide you dedicated resources.

9.5 Total Score
Free Web Hosting Sites

Within this article we discussed about top best free web hosting companies now if you have any query or suggestion related to the page then let us know.

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