Online Dedicated Game Server For Gamers In 2021

If you’re a video game enthusiast and are considering starting your own gaming server then we’ve got just the answer to your hosting needs. Gaming frustrations can run high when you’re playing slow loading games, experiencing dropped connections or a constant lag that makes having an enjoyable game time near impossible. To avoid problems like these, you need a powerful server to sustain the needs of high-performance games. That is why professional gamers turn to dedicated servers from hosting providers like

Dedicated server provides a powerful and high-performance hosting environment which is perfect for an enhanced gaming experience. It is the most viable option if you need an all-around improvement to gaming environment. Or perhaps you want to the most powerful server to extend to your friends, or even turn into a lucrative gaming business. If you have considered any of the previous points then switching to a dedicated online server games are the logical step.

First, this article will explore and define what a dedicated server is. Then we will show how it will improve your gaming experience, as well as the components you need to consider when choosing a dedicated server for gaming.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A 1:1 principle ration applies in a dedicated server hosting environment. This means there is only one user per server. This single user in turn benefits from all the server’s components. The entire dedicated server and all of its resources belong to a single owner without it being shared by other websites. That makes a dedicated server the most powerful hosting environment available.

In most cases large website owners opt to have a dedicates server due to the vastness of their sites, daily heavy traffic flows, require customised software and server environment, or need enhanced website security including and beyond SSL Certificates.

One of the greatest advantages of a dedicated server is its incredible versatility.When signing up for a dedicated server environment the server becomes yours, enabling you to used it as you wish. You don’t have to run a website on your server, you can convert it into your own gaming server.

Dedicated servers give allowances for hardware customisations. Plus, you will have a selection of operating systems to choose from, ongoing maintenance, firewalls and security monitoring, regular backups, and a dedicated support team.

One drawback of a dedicated server is the expensive price tag. Be mindful that these carry the highest price point in hosting solutions. However, there is no other hosting environment that can give you the tools, and power you need to create your own gaming server.

Dedicated Servers for Gamers

You might be wondering what a dedicates server specifically tailored for gaming entails. Simply put, it has the power and requisite requirements to successfully run any game while simultaneously affording a very high level of game performance. Your server requirements will hinge on the type of game you wish to run and the number of players you require to use the server at a time.

If you wish to monetise your gaming server then it is well to note that some games prohibit charging players to play, more so when the games are free and open source. However, other games have no issues with there being an entrance fee charge for players to utilise your dedicated server. When it is all said and done, monetising your gaming service will be determined by your hosting provider where you’re renting your dedicated server from, and by the gaming software you plan to run on it.

Best dedicated game server hosting allow users to customise and add software specifically for gaming. However, before that can be done, the host will configure your server for gaming. Afterwards, with full control of your dedicated server, you can install your specialised software in no time. Ensure that you find a web Host that will offer a speedy game configuration process with fast and secure servers.

How Dedicated Servers Improve Gaming

If we haven’t convinced you yet of the powerful features of a dedicated server and how it can enhance and supercharge your gaming experience then below we’ve outlined all the ways in which a dedicated server is the best game server option for gaming.

1. Faster and Better Gaming Performance

All gamers want the utmost from their gaming experience. They want to play without server disruptions, lag, and connection loss. A dedicated server offers a faster and more reliable connection that ensures better performance overall.

2. More Control and Customisation

With your own dedicated gaming server, you have free reign and control over the rules. You can make customisations on a game to game basis. Control how many players are allowed to play. In some instances, if allowed by the game, you can customise the gameplay giving you the ability to create or modify the rules, and how the game is played.

Your control extends to choosing who is allowed on the server with the power to add and remove users easily. Consider how much of an asset this could be for creating practice game spaces. Here you can invite your friends to run through a game before playing online.

There are also possibilities of installing anti-cheating software to prevent users from manipulating the code to their own advantage, as an added security measure.

3. Decreased Lag

Nothing ruins a gamer’s play experience more than lag. Lag affects the overall playability of a game and can significantly decrease user experience. This usually becomes an issue when a person is playing on a slow internet connection, or their connection is through servers across the globe. Not only does lag ruin personal gaming experience it can affect other players in the game as well and what’s more is that if a team member is experiencing increased lag during playing then it can cost the entire team to lose. The key to excellent playability of a game is little to no lag.

With a dedicated server, you can help to reduce or eliminate lag during gaming for you and your users.

4. Reliability

With a dedicated game server hosting, you are guaranteed higher levels of reliability than with any other type of server environment. With other types of server environments, like a shared server, you’re contending for server resources (like CPU, bandwidth, disk space, RAM, etc.) with potentially hundreds of other sites. If a website has a spike in traffic, they could potentially pull more server resources. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of delay or downtime on your site. So, it is important that you fully understand both dedicated and shared hosting plans before choosing the right one for you and your needs. However, in the case of gaming there is no better choice than a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers have an exceptionally high rate of uptime 99.99%, sometimes reaching as high as 100%. Of course, there are a few times when server maintenance needs to be done. This is critical to maintain a fast and healthy server.

What to Consider when choosing a Dedicated Server

Now that we’ve convinced you of the merit and advantages of opting for a dedicated server to satisfy your gaming needs, here are some must have components when considering a dedicated hosting plan.

1. Know the resource requirements for gaming.

All games require different software and hardware requirements so know them beforehand. If you plan on running online games then it is best to know all the server requirements ahead of time so you can choose accordingly. The entire point of using a dedicated server is to ensure optimal gaming experience and high performance so you want your server to have all of the resources necessary to do just that.

2. Required Memory and Bandwidth

The more memory and bandwidth the better any server is. These two components are crucial to a smooth, fast, and high performing server. Ensure that your dedicated hosting plan includes unlimited bandwidth and high amounts of memory.

3. Don’t skimp on the price

If you’re looking to cut corners in the cost department that perhaps a dedicated server isn’t for you at this time. You want to have a flexible budget when it comes to purchasing a dedicated hosting plan. This ensures that you furnish your server with all the resources needed to create the ultimate gaming experience.

4. Reliable and knowledgeable Technical Support Team

First, ensure that your game server providers include a very sound knowledge base and blog. This is your go to for expert technical articles. Next, they must have a reliable live support team at hand in case you need assistance.

5. Bundled or Available Server Software

With a dedicated server, your hosting provider will provide you with a set of software that is available for you to install. Make sure you cross-check with the games you hope to run on your server and ensure that you pick the software bundles that best suit your needs. Talk to your host about transforming your new server into one more tailored for gaming.

Conclusion: A Dedicated Server is the best for your Game Environment

If you are a gamer and you’re serious about gaming and hope to host your own platform for providing a gaming service then a dedicated server is the only choice for you. It is the premier server that packs a punch when it comes to the resources loaded in its arsenal. With a few tweaks, your hosting provider can ensure that your server is locked and loaded and ready to serve your gaming needs.

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