Reasons Why You Can Consider Pursuing A Career In UX Design

User experience is nothing new because it existed for years. Now we are talking so much about it because the technological evolution and advancement have brought it to the center stage. The digital revolution has underpinned the worth of UX in making products and services succeed in the market, and industry leaders are ready to walk the extra mile to provide a better user experience. This has led to a boom in user experience design jobs in the US as well as across the world. The number of open positions for UX designer jobs on job sites is multiplying at a tremendous rate, and in the years up to 2028, it is likely to maintain a growth rate of 22%. The median salary of UX design jobs in 2017 was $77,000, varying between $66,000 and $1,27,000.

Creating new job titles has happened ever since the digital revolution swept across the world that resulted in the emergence of new career opportunities like ‘webmaster,’ ‘interaction designer,’ ‘information architect,’ and ‘UX designer.’ But this does not mean that everyone can pursue a career in UX design, which is a concoction of technological knowledge and skills together with the ability to understand the human psyche and adequate social skills. Many UX designers are self-learners, never having studied the subject formally in classes. Unless you take an interest in people and love to learn about their habits and behavior, it won’t be very easy for you to do well in the field of UX design.

UX is a perpetually developing field that is acquiring more importance as new technologies like voice, AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) are gaining popularity.  As much as freshers are taking much interest to start a career in UX so also there is a rush for practicing professionals from allied fields like UI design to switch over to UX design.

In this article, we will discuss why it could be good for you to think about a career in UX design.

Opportunities and growth

The market is growing at a high rate with new products and services launched regularly to meet the rising demand that keeps spiraling and provides the motivation to bring new products to the market. Along with it, the need for experienced and fresh UX designers is growing at a rapid rate. The spread of mobile devices that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives has given endless opportunities for users to interact longer and more closely with products and services. Statistics reveal that checking phones every few minutes is a habit among 22% of users, and on average, every user spends 2hours 51 minutes on their phones or other mobile devices.   With such close interactions happening round the clock between users and products, the rising demand for UX designers seems quite natural. At the same time, companies chase their dreams of providing impeccable user experience.

Market demand

It is not just because of the influx of new products and a considerable increase in product volumes that there has been a spur in need for UX designers. The return on investment or ROI for UX is a major cause for companies paying added attention to it. The ROI on investing in UX is phenomenal, and it can vary between $2 and $100 for every dollar spent on the strategic deployment of techniques in improving user experience that has enormous potential to boost conversion rates by almost 400% at the highest level. The figures give a clear picture to understand the reason for the surge in demand for UX designers and why it is such a paying job. Simply put, UX can make or break businesses and is gradually becoming the backbone for all types of businesses.

The advent of design-centric organizations

User experience comes only second to product quality and works in tandem. No matter how well you market a product and how good it might be, to cut ice with users and provide the right returns, it must have the ability to generate the best user experience or something very close to it.  This has resulted in big names like Apple, Coca Cola, and Nike, to name a few, re-position their business approach by embracing user experience and making it central to all marketing activities.  These companies are the leading inspiration for aspiring UX designers.  User experience design now holds the forefront in business organizations because it is beneficial for them. Companies that have given due importance to user experience have enjoyed a significant stock market advantage, as revealed in a study conducted in 2014.

Scope for creativity and innovation

As technology keeps marching ahead, it triggers creative ideas and provides more opportunities for innovation. With UX infiltrating across all business segments and turning to be a necessity for all businesses of all sizes, there are numerous niches for UX designers to ply their trade. This, in turn, expands the scope for creativity and innovation.  A career in UX design allows you to delve into the minds of users and derive the inspiration to deliver something out-of-the-box by understanding what makes them feel most comfortable while meeting their expectations as much as possible.

 A rewarding career

The hard work done by UX designers receives ample recognition through a rewarding career with entry-level earning ranging between $56,000 and $1,00,000 in the US. It is easy to work out how much-experienced designers can earn. A designer with 5 years of experience should earn anything between $90,000 and $1,00,000.

Having a desire to understand the aspirations of users and knowing what could make them happier inspire UX designers to be at the top of their game by using their creative abilities to innovate solutions that delight users.  It is not always necessary to think big. Even some subtle changes and improvements can drive users off their feet, and they do not hesitate to appreciate the good work by reposting their loyalty to the product or brand.

The launch of the iPhone 11 bears testimony to how UX designers work for bettering lives.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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