Make Vape Juice Without Pg Or Vg

As the expert’s words, PG and VG is the major ingredient to make vape juice. In a vape juice liquid bottle, their VG/PG ratio is 60/40. PG (Propylene Glycol) is a formula that is used for quick heating and creates smoke as nicotine does.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is vegetable oil, which tastes sweet, thick to smoke, and instantly creates dense vapor clouds.

Normally, it’s hard to avoid one of these exceptional liquids for making vape juice. Both PG and VG have an effective role in making impeccable vape liquid. Let’s find a solution about how to make vape juice without PG or VG.

Can You Make Vape Juice Without PG Or VG Is It Possible?

Vapor or electric vape users always want to know how they can avoid PG from their vape juice. PG does not contain destructive issues. It’s highly recommended to use in foods and medications. But when it comes to using it as a vapor, it’s a little bit noxious and toxic for our body.

People don’t like PG so much because PG comes with a high level of sweetness, causes allergies, makes the mouth dry, the chemical is sensitive for us.

Now the question is how you can deny or cut off any single liquid while making vape juice. Is it possible? Fortunately, Of course, it’s practicable. You can avoid the PG (Propylene Glycol) assuredly and instead of it, PEG liquid will be superior.

PEG liquid is thicker, plausible, and healthier than PG liquids. Without propylene glycol, your vape juice could be thicker but don’t worry about it because VG is dense enough to use as a vape juice for vapor.

How To Make Vape Juice Without PG Or VG Appropriately?

Perhaps, I think you are now clear about making vape juice without PG or VG. Assuredly you can omit PG from the vape juice formula undoubtedly.

You might be questioning how you could make vape juice without PG and what’s the exact process? Before you start making vape juice, you have to arrange some alternative ingredients of PG.

For example, you will require PEG liquid, Triacetin, Terpenes, and high-level VG vape liquid.

Arrange Ingredients

PEG: The PEG is an alternate solution of Propylene Glycol (PG). PEG’s full form is polyethylene glycol 400; it is similar to coconut oil. It contains acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, which is relatively thicker than PG. But it’s totally natural and the best solution for vaping.

Triacetin: Triacetin is a formula which is mostly used in the concentrated flavouring product. Actually, you can’t use raw Triacetin because it’s better to use it with appropriate processing. In fact, it’s the only way to use it if you want effective feedback and dense smoke.

Terpenes: If you want to calm your body and want mind peace, then you can use the Terpenes solution in your vape juice additionally. It doesn’t contain nicotine and THC; therefore, you can use it without any hesitations.

High Vg Vape Juice: Because you are avoiding PG liquid, that’s why individually, you have to use high VG vape juice. Without high VG vape juice, it will be complicated to make the juice precisely.

Start Making Vape Juice: After gathering all the liquids of formulas, safety gears, liquid containers, vape juice kits, you’re now ready to start making juice. As I said before, don’t use raw Triacetin because it could affect your body severely.

Overall, this vape juice might be thicker, less fog, low throat hit, less sweet, less flavourful, but your body will be totally safe from noxious solutions. Here’s everything you should know about making vape juice without the PG formula.

  • Wear the safety eye-glass, face shield, and gloves
  • Assemble the all-alternative liquids that I suggest you before
  • Take a plastic bottle or vape juice bottle.
  • Now put the periodically heavy VG liquid, PEG 400, Triacetin, Terpenes, vodka, or distilled water.
  • Remember, try to put the liquids by Syringes; you can observe how much liquid you should put with syringes.
  • Mix them and shake the bottle for 2-4 minutes
  • Without PG, you vape juice could be less sweet. In this case, you can add a sweeter flavour to it.
  • That’s it, you vape juice is ready now, but don’t forget to take a demo before finishing its completion.

Can You Vape With Only VG?

Actually, only VG is very beneficial, exceptional, and healthier for vaping. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will find it productive because it’s a too thick liquid.

Above all, it’s time to finish this spectacular and informative article about how to make vape juice without PG or VG. In my consideration, you can avoid the PG formula but can’t omit the VG formula. VG is a must need formula if you want to make a vape juice unequivocally and impeccably.

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