Jobs With High Security During Covid-19

Without a doubt, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic led to abrupt changes globally. The virus and lockdown rules brought a dramatic and sudden effect on everyone’s lifestyle and employment landscape. Most countries went to record low unemployment rates with millions of people depending on state support. Those who were self-employed also struggled, especially with providing services in situations where face-to-face contact is impossible.

However, as some fraction struggled and faced closure, some sections of the employment sector remained pandemic-proof, as others continued hiring workers. That said, the following are employment sectors that remained resilient during the ongoing pandemic.

1.  Online Contractors: Writers and Mobile Software Developers

With the enforcement of lockdown, staying indoors 24 hours daily for seven days a week quickly became the new normal. Over time, it became boring, as people had nothing much to do besides playing online video games and browsing through social media platforms. This probably explains the massive influx of mobile platforms, including TikTok, which excelled during the lockdown months.

On the contrary, those in mobile software development share different views. Smartphone and tablet software developers were in high demand. To cope with the changing lifestyle, software replaced physical interactions, making the mobile software development sector quite busy. New apps were released every dawn, with more businesses joining the digital bandwagon.

Companies and businesses that initially didn’t have websites and applications scrambled to hire app and web developers to remain in business. Other industries completely embraced the app movement, which made going virtual a new norm.

Apart from web and app developers, independent online contractors, such as writers, content developers, digital marketers, social media managers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and SEO specialists, also had a busy time during the pandemic. For instance, the surge in online selling led to an increased demand for digital marketers who can help brands increase their online reach.

While these job opportunities aren’t new, they have increasingly become popular due to the pandemic’s new normal.

2.  Healthcare Practitioners

Even before the pandemic, medical workers have always been in demand. However, the pandemic increased the demand for healthcare practitioners and associated jobs. Doctors, clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, and physical therapists made part of the medical front-liners who made sure infected patients receive prompt care.

The demand for nutritionists and social care workers who provide recommendations on diet, healthy living, and supplements also remained high during the pandemic. Psychologists also played an important role, especially in handling stress and mental issues that arose during the pandemic.

3.  Financial Planning

As mentioned, millions of people globally lost their jobs as others closed their businesses during the pandemic. Just to mention, approximately 40 million employees were laid off in the United States Alone due to Covid-19. Ever since, many are finding alternative methods of recovering from financial instabilities.

As some tried out home-based businesses, others opted for online shops, which did not provide sufficient income. This is where financial planners come in handy. Financial advisors, certified public accountants, wealth management advisors, financial analysts, and CFAs can provide significant services to citizens trying to cope with the crisis.

4.  Retail Delivery and Distribution

During the first months of the pandemic, strict quarantine guidelines restricted the delivery of essential products and services. However, as the government and local authorities ease up on the restrictions, delivery services became a standard. Currently, most people opt and depend on delivery services instead of visiting supermarkets and food outlets.

Food delivery, grocery delivery, and distribution of pharmaceutical products became a new normal. With this, retail delivery and supply sectors became stronger. Even as trips to malls and supermarkets have eased currently, people still rely on personal shoppers to deliver their needs. The surge in home-based businesses and online sellers also made retail distribution stronger.

5.  Farming

Just like healthcare practitioners, farming remained stable during the pandemic as it was months before. With millions of people locked indoors with restricted mobility, farmers had a busy time ensuring there is sufficient food supply.

The Bottom Line

Despite the tough times presented by the pandemic, many sectors proved resilient. As the world recovers from the lives and jobs lost, closed businesses, and halted plans, you should adapt to the ways in which the coronavirus crisis redefined other jobs. Fortunately, these changes presented unexpected opportunities in some sectors. The pandemic should also be a lesson to those looking for career advice on what to study or venture into.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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