How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Impact of Video in Daily Lives

According to the present scenario, content quality is your winning stairway to success. Content-type, audience and platform, each of these have an impact on your performance and here I am going to discuss each in detail but before that, let us understand the role of the media in our daily lives.

Today you’ll know the current impact of YouTube and what the future holds.

So, what do statistics say?

By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Everyone is in a hurry; even if I give you an option you would prefer a video over text to study or learn anything, right?

According to research done by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships,

“People are spending more money to buy time.” 

I rely on commuting via a flight instead of a train to cut the travel time. 

Similarly, one would choose videos over text or any other media type. By now you must have figured the idea of me discussing all these examples.

The role of Videos is impacting our lives on a huge scale. Videos are more engaging and entertaining than any other medium. Even for studies, if you have heard of UDEMY and BYJU’s you’ll understand? If not, then one must be living under a rock. 

Be it presentations, advertisements, entertainment, learning, everything is being leveraged with the help of video streaming. Thanks to the technological advancements in the internet speed and network coverage as well.

So, it is high time you choose to leverage video in your marketing campaigns. Video type of content is dominating across social media as well.

According to a recent HubSpot Research report, out of the top channels, global consumers are watching videos more on social channels. Precisely, four out of the top six channels are social media channels.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channel 2019

Importance of the video considering the “marketing” side

People are addicted to their handsets. People are spending a considerable amount of time on social media and video streaming for entertainment. No wonder why brands have entered social media platforms and putting engaging content to connect and serve their users.

As a marketing tactic, many brands are even collaborating with the prominent web series productions to promote their brands.

This article covers the importance of a video. And also which channel to select for posting your content?

YouTube is the best, considering the diverse category and users around the world.

YouTube allows you to segregate your content and once you succeed in getting a good amount of traction, you can use the same channel to earn as well with the help of Google Ads.

A channel to promote your brand, get exposure globally and you can even earn from it. It is worth putting in the effort.

6 Ways To Grow YouTube Channel

#1. Frequency of Posting Videos

For instance, you like to visit a place. You visit that place once a week and it is intriguing to you. Then why not visit twice a week and enjoy more to get more familiar with that place.

Similarly, for better engagement with the viewers coming to your channel for the first time, you should have relevant content and an idea about what is coming next. Even the frequency of content sharing impacts the viewer’s reach and subscribers.

According to the recent content research and their conclusion by Brian Dean, longer content outperforms short blog posts. However, we found diminishing returns for articles that exceed 2,000 words.

But here when it comes to videos I would suggest breaking the videos in small topics. For you, smaller topics are easier to explain and simpler for the viewers to understand.

So, post videos on your YouTube Channel twice a week and in small portions.

According to research on YouTube by Brain Dean, Videos should be between 5 to 10 minutes. Lesser than 5 is less intriguing, more than 10 minutes is annoying and boring.

#2. Break your Content into Smaller Portions

Breaking down the whole content into portions and breaking of keyword cluster are two different approaches. Read carefully, use Keyword research to know what people are searching and use those keywords in your videos and put them in descriptions as well.

This is a bit technical on the content side. It isn’t difficult if you have the will to learn. Basics of Digital Marketing can be learned from anywhere, for better learning, there are certifications provided online and in digital marketing courses as well.

Moreover, if you wish to create a video on a topic discussed by many, you still can share it in your own words. Everyone has their own interpretations and ways of explaining a topic. Make sure your research is done well.

Consider the following points:

  • Use the content from the video ranking on top and use those keywords in your video, this will help you enter the ‘suggestions’ section.
  • Segregate according to categories and put them into channels.
  • Optimization of Video titles and description also helps when we talk about SEO.

From the ‘suggestions section’ with the time, you may reach on top, if people find your content relevant and intriguing. Remember, content quality is what keeps people on top in the long run and brings more traction.

#3. Go Live For a Q/A Session

Going Live on media platforms is trending. Celebs to influencers everyone is going live to get more traction and engagement.

You must be knowing Amanda Cerny and PewDiePie who got famous. It must be calculated and measurable as they have their media and financial advisors. We can learn from other’s decisions as well.

Apart from going live to interact with your viewers, you can even get genuine feedback from them. Use this feedback to improve. It is all about doing what you enjoy, keeping in mind that you provide what your subscribers enjoy. Taking feedbacks seriously will make them feel special and valued. Just a mention of them by you might even make their day awesome.

#4. Make a Series of Videos:

Web series are no hidden marvel in the field of a sitcom. They are winning the media at present.

As mentioned above, break your content into small chunks. Make a series where each upcoming video is related to the previous one and further. Use SUSPENSE to keep users and subscribers coming.

This keeps your viewers on their toes and this they might share with their peers. According to the trend, your viewers will be happy in knowing what you are going to share before you share it and before anyone else knows. A psychological win for them and an overall win for you.

#5. Collaborate with brands for promoting their product on your channel

Collaboration is the new trend.

This promotion shouldn’t be a product description or details about a company. It could have an adverse impact on your subscriber list.

So play smart, make something interesting and creative which your audience can enjoy and feel like sharing it further.

Two different brands have two different sets of audiences. When they collaborate each one of them gets a chunk of other’s audience to their channel. Hence, this strategy helps in bringing more traffic.

Depending on your brands’ goodwill you might even get money against the collaboration which you can again invest in upcoming videos.

#6. Promote your videos on IGTV & facebook for a higher reach

Though, IGTV has taken a toll on video streaming channels recently. YouTube has its own features to be the best channel to post your content and share. Where YouTube remains the best to promote your brand using videos, whereas, IGTV can be used to republish and promote your YouTube content and get more reach and exposure.


Any given day I will choose video over any other form of media to either learn, present something or earn.

YouTube is worth investing your time and effort, it will prove to be the dark horse in helping you sustain and grow further.

Contributor – Dhruv Mehta is a digital marketing professional who works at Acquire and provides solutions in the digital era. In free time, he loves to write on tech & marketing. He is a frequent contributor to Tweak Your Biz.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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