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We know it’s not easy to find a web hosting that truly meets our needs, wrong decisions can bring in great disorder. With this in mind, we created this website. Here we share and recommend online services with the World Wide Web. Since then, we think, as we and other users are searching the web for the best online services while having to sift through endless amounts of content and data to do it.

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The is a company committed to helping its users to find online services well for them. We believe that doing a hell of a decision can and should be a straightforward case. Not only recognize the opportunity to save our time and pain the heart of users, we also believe that with the help of experts and updated customer data users will be able to save a fortune on all your online services chosen.

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What Is Hosting?
The term “Hosting” its self is not very explanatory, the full term however ” Web site hosting” is more precise. Just as your computer hosts your files, games and documents, your web host hosts your web files and internet documents.
99% of the time your first experience of web hosting is when you are looking to launch your own web site, this is when you call upon a web hosting company to host your internet files so they are available to your visitors. Web hosts have powerful computers connected to the internet 24/7 thus enabling your visitors to see your web site from any countries you permit any time of the day or night allow.

What is Bandwidth?
Internet bandwidth also known as transfer refers in hosting context as Amount of traffic transmitted to or from the a web site. for example if you have a 10mb file such as a video clip hosting on your web space by your host and a visitor sees the video clip from start to finish they would have used 10mb of your of your bandwidth to stream the footage from the host to their computer. If 10 people each watch the same video the total amount of internet bandwidth used would be 100mb.

Hosting companies usually offer bandwidth or transfer in monthly blocks of a set quantity such as 10,00Mb per month monthly bandwidth allowance.
As a rough guide to the quantity of bandwidth you may require per moth for your website again depends on your disk space usage and the number of potential visitors.
Referring back to the above where all you have is a brochure web site with minimal flash and no video footage, your basic HTML, PHP or other web documents should only require a low bandwidth requirement of approximately 1000Mb per month due to the small file size of most documents being fractions of 1mb each. This therefore means that 1000s of visitors may view your website without using vast quantities of bandwidth.
The opposite end of the spectrum regarding bandwidth is if your web site has large flash files, video, music and numerous other high bandwidth demanding files and scripts, or you expect 1000s of visitors every month then you may require several Gigabytes of monthly bandwidth transfer with 5000Mb( 5 Gigabytes) being the absolute base line figure.

What are Sub Domains?
Sub Domains often called “Subdomains” are second-level domains used by some websites to distinguish between different categories of content, they may also be given by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to individuals and businesses to provide low priced web hosting. an example of a sub domain is, The “” being the top-level domain and the “anything.” being the second level or sub domains.
Using Subdomains as an integral part of your navigation structure can be highly valued because you have distinctly marked that particular area for that subject, however this is not necessary nor is it beneficial to do this if your website has little valued content. a Sub domain is viewed by Search Engines as a separate entity in most respects and unless you place lots of valuable content on each and every sub domain they will only hamper your relevance within search results.

What is Pop3 e-mail?
Pop3 (Post Office Protocol 3rd generation) e-mail is a very common offering by web hosts as an e-mail option. Pop3 is a versatile e-mail system that means you can send and receive e-mail from any computer connected to the internet. With Pop3 you are able to send and receive e-mail directly via the Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), you may also set up your Pop3 e-mail addresses through your e-mail clients such as Outlook Express or Eudora so you may keep an exact record offline of all e-mail communications.
Pop3 is by far the most versatile e-mail format to date due to its optional integrations into other standard e-mail formats.
Your host may also offer several other e-mail protocols such as IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), although both of these are beneficial and integrate with Pop3, the important protocol to look for in any web hosting package is the Pop3.
Many hosts also offer e-mail forwarding although a great service in its self giving you the ability to own multiple domains and e-mail accounts and forwarding all e-mail to a single e-mail address. If this is the only e-mail option that is offered by a web host then consider the implications of not being able to send e-mail via your domain to prove you authenticity to others when you e-mail them.
Hosting Reviews Tutorials
Hosting Reviews will be providing many more tutorials and helpful tips on choosing your own web hosting company however we better keep this initial page size low for the people who are still on Dial-up internet connections.