What is cPanel

What is cPanelA cPanel is a web hosting system that is very much established by several web hosting providers. It is a control panel for web hosting that is Unix-based, providing an administration and interface tool to ease the process of web site hosting. The cPanel also allows third-party entities to automate a system administration process. Familiarizing with the cPanel gives anyone the confidence to be able to adjust to any web host provider. With cPanel, the client does not need to know more about any webmaster tools in order to keep the website up and running.

An Essential Tool for Website Management

With cPanel, great tools for easy management of files are found. Management of files, SQL, emails and others is easy to learn. cPanel makes the following management possible – file management on backups, subdomains, web mails and auto-responders. There are also database-related management like MySQL, phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin. cPanel features a number of boxes on its screen which the host company ticks. cPanel web hosting is actually an offer of great value.

cPanel Benefits

cPanel is easy to use. It allows managing all the aspects of the website in an intuitive straightforward way. For those having reseller accounts, cPanel can also be offered to their customers so they can enjoy the advantages of this admin tool. cPanel comes with business tools, like the shopping cart, to make any business succeed. It is fully-customizable, with features that can be deleted or added. Users can even run their own applications.

What cPanel Does

cPanel keeps the users informed on the status of the server as well as that of the account. When the server and the account get into trouble, the client shall then be informed through instant messages or via emails. It is a good feeling that if there is nothing heard about, then it is assumed that everything is running up smoothly. The cPanel is a tool which all website hosts, website owners and webmasters should be very familiar with. For those shopping for web host services, cPanel is something to look for as an essential part of the package.

A Great Web Hosting Tool

cPanel is a famous tool among web hosting resellers who manage the accounts of their clients. It is indeed a must-have tool nowadays. If a reseller does not have the cPanel tool, then it is time for him to have one as the quality of his hosting service shall greatly improve with cPanel. The reseller’s customers shall be delighted too. People who had difficult times managing their websites, doing the updates, uploads and running apps find cPanel very helpful.

Why web hosts need cPanels?

It is because it allows them to control every aspect of the websites – statistics, email, files, databases, security, script installation and a lot more. cPanel enables to automate processes which some users are still doing manually with some web hosting services. The cPanel interface allows one to quickly view any account-related information. It provides access to a various utilities and tools which come with the account. That makes cPanel one of the best web host tools there is.

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