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When it comes to a building a top-notch website for your business, hosting service plays an indispensable role. Your website may be well-optimized in terms of design and content, but if it isn’t hosted on the right platform, it will deliver sluggish performance and fail to attract visitors. Among the myriad hosting solutions available today, the cloud is a highly sought-after option. Leveraging the computing power of multiple servers housed in different locations, the cloud offers unsurpassed scalability, agility and reliability. So, if you aren’t operating on the cloud yet, you are missing out on its countless benefits.

Top Cloud Hosting Server Providers

  1. CloudWays: Cheap Cloud Hosting Company.
  2. SiteGround: Best for Customer Service.
  3. A2 Hosting: Best Overall for Cloud Hosting.
  4. DigitalOcean: Cloud Hosting for more demanding user.
  5. InMotion: Unmetered CPU Cores.
  6. 1&1 IONOS: Wide Range Cloud Server Plans.
  7. Godaddy: Best for extra features.
  8. HostGator: Best Money Value Cloud Server.
  9. DreamHost: Unmetered Bandwidth Cloud Partner.
  10. Bytemark Cloud: UK-based outfit.
  11. Best enterprise intranet cloud servers

Flexible Too Much
Customization Available
Expensive Lesser Then Dedicated Server
Secure Yes

Now, we have discussed some key reasons for migrating to cloud hosting in 2021.

1) Lower Operating Cost

Hosting a website with your own servers is expensive. With an on-premises server, you have to invest heavily in buying, installing and maintaining servers. You have to pay floor rentals, licensing fee, electricity bills. If you are hiring an IT staff to maintain your servers, you need to pay him as well.

All these expenses can be eliminated by using a best cloud hosting solution. All you need to do is to pay a flat fee per month-and your website will be hosted on top-of-the-line infrastructure. Plus, if you have chosen managed cloud hosting, your service provider will handle all aspects of server management and administration on your behalf.

Because it doesn’t involve heavy upfront expenditure, cloud hosting is far more cost-effective when compared to its on-premises counterpart. In this regards, CloudWays is one of the fast & reliable cloud hosting provider and if you want a cloud hosting at discount rate then use our Cloudways discount code.

2) Enhanced Uptime and Availability

If you are hosting on a traditional on-premises server, your website’s uptime depends on the availability of your physical server. If it goes down, so does your website.

In contrast, cloud hosting servers have high uptime built into their structure. Because your site is hosted on a virtualized cloud that draws resources from multiple servers, if one server goes offline, the network traffic gets directed to the available servers. And, if your site faces an unexpected surge in traffic, it won’t go crashing-other servers are available to handle this traffic.

3) On-demand Scaling

In an on-premises server, you pay for the entire server infrastructure but may or may not use it completely. Such an arrangement often wastes money.

With a virtualized server such as the cloud, you buy only what you need, and scale only as needed. If you require more speed, storage or bandwidth, all you need to do is to tap a button or connect with your customer representatives.

A reliable managed cloud hosting provider makes for better performance without requiring heavy investment in IT infrastructure, allowing you to grow your company quickly.

Because you can scale at will, you don’t pay for the resources you don’t need and concentrate on growing your business.

4) Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your own infrastructure is cumbersome. For on-premises servers, you either need to hire additional staff or deploy your existing staff to maintain it. In both cases, you need to spend some extra bucks. Plus, if your staff fails to execute the task properly, it can put your website offline for hours leading to lost business.

With a reliable managed cloud hosting, all such issues are eliminated. In managed cloud hosting, you have a dedicated staff to monitor your cloud environment and carry out tasks related to its upkeep and maintenance such as updating software or applying patches. All this translates to lower downtime and reduced costs.

5) Enhanced Website Speed

Managed cloud hosting results in improved load time for webpages. Cloud infrastructure uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that routes the website through a global network. This optimizes the delivery of webpages and boosts the loading speed of your website. Because page load speed directly affects customer experience and SEO ranking, cloud hosting is essential for overall performance for your site.

6) Improved Security

Keeping your data on an on-premises server poses a threat to its security, especially when you do not create a proper backup of your data. Anything ranging from a natural disaster to a technical failure can wipe out your data bringing your operations to a standstill.

When you partner with a reliable cloud partner, your data remains protected with redundant infrastructure and automated back-ups. Cloud hosts keep multiple copies of your data on separate drives housed in different geographic locations. This makes it almost impossible to suffer data loss.

The Bottom Line

In light of the aforementioned advantages, there is no reason why you should not migrate to a reliable cloud hosting solution. While the cloud may not be the most appropriate solution for every kind of website-owner, those requiring scalability, speed and flexibility at a budget-friendly price should definitely check it out.

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