How To Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a norm for open-source editors’ coding. The objective of AMP is to allow editors to upload their websites into portable devices rapidly. It’s because the mobile response could be buggy and delayed due to tremendous and extensive computer resources. A mobile page does not require most of the components of a computer page.

Importance of “AMP”

Mobile browsing while on the go means that somehow, the pace of your Internet may not always be speedy. The easiest way to optimise portable browsing practice for all customers is by standardising a compact variant of your website with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Publishing sites are websites that profit most from AMP.

One of the most significant distinctions between AMP and Non-AMP browsing is that AMP websites have little to do with a more complicated user interface.

AMP pushes you to use a sophisticated CSS variant. On the other hand, Javascript is not permitted at all. You will have to use a Javascript library off-shelf which you can get from AMP, but it forces your images to load lazily.

When you incorporate AMP to standardise your portable sensitive websites, you give full preference to velocity and readability, even over shares.

How To Implement AMP

The AMP alternative was designed initially for press outlets. Google sought to assist media reports to gain ground from the google results almost simultaneously.

Over time, AMP has been expanding to other types of websites, including advertisers, advertising networks, and e-commerce websites and publications.

Some pages are currently benefiting from AMP implementation. Retailers, among many others, use AMP to deliver landing pages quickly. And advertisements in this mode are more likely to be seen.

If you are looking for a manner to speed up your website, AMP might be correct for you. Here are the fundamental measures to build, publish, and track AMP websites once you have chosen which sections of your page are suitable for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

1. Create a template for the AMP page.

A web-page model is the first phase in applying AMP. The Accelerated Mobile Page integrates with a wide range of publication systems. You can display the roster in the Quick start guide of AMP and select your content management system for information.

You can create AMP templates from scratch. Alternatively, you can transform current HTML pages to AMP type. All alternatives are described in the paperwork.

2. Roll Out the pages of the AMP.

Ideally, include a few websites so that you can see if Google serves the AMP variant in mobile search findings.

It may wait a few days before Google discovers, controls, and indexes the AMP variant of the website, depending on your website’s download speed.

Let the deployment cycle for at least one month, faster if possible. As soon as your websites are being trafficked, you will create sufficient information to guarantee that the implementation of AMP is worthwhile.

3. Track analytics.

You’ll want to monitor your AMP sites ‘ efficiency. Since AMP analytics are distinct from Google Analytics, consult this manual to know how it functions.

Pages can be tracked through in-house or external databases. Many analytics providers have built-in amp-analytics settings. For easy monitoring and amp-analytics, you can use amp pixels for everything else.

The Relationship Between AMP And SEO

Does AMP affect SEO? Yes, Accelerated Mobile Pages can strengthen your SEO content writing services. But keep in mind that it’s not an extraordinary mechanism that can boost your customer experience within a day.

The main goal of every SEO approach is to enhance the status of a website. While Google has repeatedly mentioned that Accelerated Mobile Pages are not a relevant consideration currently, situations are likely to alter in the future.

There are growing numbers of individuals who use their phones to navigate the Internet every day.  Google already modified its algorithm to use portable pages as the prime index variant.

Accelerated Mobile Pages enable you to generate mobile apps that can increase the classification of your website. While AMP is not a rating variable, it can potentially enhance the optimisation of your search engine scores.

Other Benefits of AMP To SEO Content Writing Services

Stronger Involvement

It may seem unintuitive that a removed site has more significant interaction, yet it offers you further advantages. There are fewer distractions, and as everything rapidly builds, individuals communicate with the functions that you have, such as modes, switches, pictures, etc.

Increased AD ROI

There weren’t many alternatives when it came to advertisements which can operate on an AMP website when AMP first appeared. After several years, a wide variety of advertising networks now benefit from AMP’s quick charging velocity. And the faster advertisements are loaded, the more likely individuals are to see them.


There will always be a profitable element. You certainly miss a ton of prospective clients if you learn that all your rivals are using AMP and you don’t. By implementing AMP rules, your clients can strike you in a favourable context.

AMP In The Future

Google AMP is controversial. Some individuals think that Google is using AMP to bring over the Internet. Others do not, of course, see any use for it because of all its constraints. At least for now.

Before you begin to worry that AMP will take over the Web, Google doesn’t. Instead, they hope that some of the AMP plays are turned into a global norm. They are also hoping that AMP will eventually benefit the Web as a whole.


All of this says that most advertising specialists prefer to propose AMP only to press editors with a large crowd. Even then, your business might not be worth it because of the failure of the brand’s packaging and some custom components. Ultimately, you have to establish whether your company finds meaning and whether the positive outweighs the negative.

Before you decide to move through all your websites, be sure that you perform some trials beforehand. Having tests will ensure that your analytics are improved. So, Do you need Accelerated Mobile Pages or not? You decide.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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