Cyber Security Tips For Your Online Presence

Cyber Security is the primary concern of the companies these days with overall market coverage of around 83.5 billion USD in the year 2017. According to the forecast presented by IDC, this figure will touch an amount of 119.9 billion USD by the year 2021.

There are multiple vendors available over the internet availing the stupendous security features for the small to large enterprises. Introduction of the technologies like cloud computing brings the revolutionary changes in the computing services pulling the obstacles involved in the traditional computing market. Facilities for hosting web application has become easy and just a few click task with the cloud. With extraordinary features such as digital marketing, chat bots, promotional emails etc., to attract qualified leads for businesses, the adoption rate for the website has been increased drastically.

There are some risks associated with hosting a website a few of them discussed below, and I’m mentioning some sites which are suitable for providing the awe-inspiring security services for web applications.

Occlude the Doors for Malware:

Cyber breaches are the biggest threat to the organisations causing a tremendous loss in their working culture. Hackers are always trying to recognize the flaws in websites with various tactics. Various conventional and powerful attack techniques adopted by attackers are:

  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks,
  • SQL Injections,
  • Brute Force attacks,
  • Phishing,
  • Malware attacks,
  • Man-in-the-middle attack etc.

Choosing a practical solution for your website is compulsory to maximize the growth of your business. Few master security providers drafting the shape of cryptography in the market are:

#1. is one of the security trust trademarks which delivers all the latest news on technology and cyber attacks. Their primary goal is to target the protection for web hosting, Cloudflare for DDoS and providing breach laws to the perceiver.

#2. IBM:

IBM is one of the leading IT pro with long-term relationships with cybersecurity presents various security mechanism for the web applications. IBM offers the protection against DDoS, spoofing and many more breaching techniques with its outstanding tools. The updated documentation for various types of attacks and protection techniques available to anyone on its website.

#3. Wired:

Wired is one of the dominant media contentment stands with a bunch of security and other updates. Wired is not only famous for the cybersecurity but it attracts the visitors with its astonishing technology updates.

#4. Signal Magazine:

Signal Magazine is mainly for the cyber security professionals with publications of the AFCEA, emphasis on providing support to the government and militaries since past 72 years. It assists with blogs, publications, ebooks, seminars, newsletters and many more featured security services to draw awareness in users. The primary focus is on defence, intelligence, security and technical innovations.

Computer World:

The computer world is one of the biggest media organisation which covers the core to advanced sectors of the technology from anywhere in the world. They publish an online magazine, blogs, documentation and newsletter on advanced security to fulfill the demand for tightening environment.

You can’t even imagine that how much loss a few lines of malicious code can cause to your business. Employing the shield of security services in your organisation boundary can eliminate the vulnerabilities preventing breaches. The prevalent procedures to protect yourself from malware are:

1). Firewall Protection:

The firewall in network security designed from an established rule for your connection. It monitors and manages the incoming and outgoing traffic over the network. Building a robust firewall acts as a defensive wall to your system which can reduce the risk of incoming malicious requests.

2). Antivirus Implication:

The antivirus is a software program which detects, prevent and remove the malign program from your machine.  Implementing antivirus in your machine can hinder the obstacles resulting in the improved performance.

3). Risk Management Planning:

A business can not stop serving its client in cases like attacks or any other accidental loss. A strategic risk management plan to face the imminent threats with alternate solutions for various problem scenarios should be maintained to drive continuity to your business.

4). Data Replication and Recovery:

Data is the most precious treasure of any organisation as it contains all sensitive information about the organisation such as client, bank, accounts, emails, processes, strategies etc. Protecting this information is the priority of an organisation. This information stored at multiple locations for future recovery in case of any accidents or other loss.

The recent advancement in technology presents the introduction of blockchain for offline data storage brings the maximized security for the data. Anyone can enroll in blockchain training offered by various platforms on the web designed to deliver an effective way to achieve the realistic secure environment.

5). SSL Encryption:

The data flow over the world wide web can be intercepted between the client and server. The secure socket layer certificate issued by authority encrypts the data flow over the transport layer of HTTPs. The inclusion of SSL certification maintains a trust factor between the client and website.

Apart from websites, the inclusion of SSL is also compulsory for business emails to secure your business information on SMTP or POP3 protocol of networking.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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