Top Image Hosting Websites For 2021

Images are a big reason why the Internet has become so popular over the last two decades. Multimedia content attracts countless visitors to websites and blogs that wouldn’t otherwise have any visitors. Many individuals and companies know that they need images on their page to attract hits, but they don’t have the space to store the data. This is where image hosting sites come to the rescue. Bloggers and website owners can place lots of images on their site without having to worry about space by using an image cheap hosting service. All you have to do is upload an image to the hosting site, and then use the link they provide as a source for your image. Visitors to your site will never know the difference. We’ve decided to list the six most popular sites for hosting your images on the Internet.

Popular on various Internet forums such as Reddit, imgur offers an easy to use interface for image hosting. Imgur makes it easy to link and host images on a wide variety of sites and services, providing options for thumbnails and other features. It also provides sharing options for all of the most popular social networking sites.

With over 1 Million unique site visitors per month in the United States, Photobucket is one of the most popular image hosting services ever. It has been a premier site for finding photos and videos, linking, sharing and uploading. Photobucket accounts are free and can store thousands of photos and hours of video.

Picasa is a very attractive option for many reasons. It provides unlimited bandwidth, which is a very rare attribute for image hosting sites. Users can upload through Blogger and Google accounts. They offer 1 gigabyte of free storage, and users can edit their images as well as share them with friends.

While Flickr has only 1000 GB of storage space for its free users, it remains a very popular option with photographers and designers. A reason for this is Flickr’s extensive community of users that offer feedback and comments. Receiving support from a likeminded community can be an invaluable benefit to photographers and artists looking to get their work exposed.

ImageShack is a free media website hosting service that is very user friendly. Users can upload flash files, images and movies. Users can then share these files in almost any way imaginable. There are rules on the size of images and video, but there is an editor to make fitting the criteria an easy task.

Tinypic lets users easily upload, link and share their images across tons of different websites. There is a size limit to images, but Tinypic will automatically re-size any oversize images so that they can be submitted. Users are allowed to upload jpg, png, gif and tiff files.

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