4 Tech Tools You Should Use To Elevate Your Small Business

The power online tech tools have on the growth of small business should not be underestimated, especially when you are first starting out. You should take advantage of all the techniques and software available in order to drive traffic to your website or have your products recognized by a larger client base. From online ads to secure document sharing with a virtual data room—anything you invest in should be providing your business with a substantial return in the long run. Below are a few tools that can help you elevate your small business without burning a hole in your pocket.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

The easiest way to get out information to your client base is by setting up a newsletter that sends out regular updates. This method of marketing has been proven to drive more engagement to your website as well as encourage clients to participate in any sales you might be hosting that would otherwise go unnoticed without a reminder.

Rather than just fostering a relationship with your website users on a superficial level through product descriptions and the occasional blog post, you can have an email sent directly to them letting them know what is going on with your business and what they can expect in the future. This will create a more unique relationship and incite more visits to your website.

Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room

The last thing you want to have to worry about while building up your small business is the security of your vital documents throughout the process. This is why you should invest in a virtual data room for the storing and sharing of all confidential data regarding your business and your clients. With a VDR you can access this data wherever and whenever you need to, making the prospect of working remotely or traveling much more do-able. Rather than having your employees tethered to an office, invest in a virtual data room after a review so that all the communication and collaboration regarding confidential company information can be done from anywhere in the world.

This tool will also come in handy when your business has grown a significant amount and you are ready to sell it to a bigger company. With your virtual data room, you can upload all relevant company documents for efficient due diligence before closing a deal and either merging or selling your business to someone else.

Social Media Advertisements

Social Media Advertisements

If you’ve noticed the traffic to your webpage dwindling as the months progress or can’t manage to instigate a boost of views when you’re first starting out, a helpful tool is social media ads on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. You can invest as much money as you are comfortable with to design your own advertisement and have it run for as long as you think is necessary to interest potential clients and drive them to your main page.

The power of these ads shouldn’t be underestimated considering how prevalent social media is in the everyday lives of consumers—one ad with enough financial backing can provide a huge return in the long run. Make sure the design of your ad is on brand and the link is to an article or product that you are the most confident about. If you see potential in it, then most likely your ideal viewer or client will too.

Search Engine Analytics

Search Engine Google Analytics

Using analytics to drive website traffic should not go understated when you are trying to build up your small business. Google provides you with all the information you need to recognize what articles or products are performing the best on your website and what techniques might work better than others to grow your online audience. Make it a regular practice to monitor your analytics in order to recognize where you are going wrong or right with your methods and take the time to brainstorm ways to correct any errors. Knowledge is power and that is exactly what analytics are providing you—the power to adjust your mindset and your website in order to grow your client base and, eventually, your income.

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