How To Grow Your Small Business

Whether your business sells garage doors or specializes in data center design, expanding your operation is possible even without massive stockpiles of cash. If you’re willing to invest your time pursuing the following ideas, you may reach the next level of success.

Partner with a Similar Business

If you own a garage door installation business, find a reputable custom cabinet craftsman and sell his or her garage organization systems along with your doors. There are two ways it may increase your business:

  • You can markup the organization systems and retain the profit, or split it with the other business.
  • You and the craftsman may be able to exchange referrals.

Implement Internet Marketing More Effectively

You probably already own a domain name and website, but is it a dynamic marketing tool, or an unattended afterthought? Search engines rank websites, in part, based on how often they are updated and how many backlinks (incoming) they’re connected to.

For a more noticeable site that ranks higher in search engine results pages, consider the following:

  • Update your site regularly. One of the easiest methods is to maintain a blog on the site itself, rather than WordPress or another free blog site.
  • Launch and maintain at least one more blog on a free site such as WordPress, then backlink the two blogs together. Avoid posting identical content; rather, write corresponding material. For example, a plumbing contractor might blog about how to clean clogged drains on his main site, and then write about avoiding clogged drains on the other. He would then post should link pertinent keywords.
  • Maintain frequently updated Facebook, twitter and other social media pages. Again, you want to link them to your blogs and website and vice versa.
  • Although the above will take only about five to ten hours per week, consider hiring a professional freelance web content writer to update your sites regularly, rather than tackling the task yourself.


Finally, you can expand your business by diversifying.

  • “Package” your business and sell franchises, or – conversely – research other locations in your area and open a second outlet.
  • Referring to the above example for a garage door business, rather than partnering with a custom cabinet craftsman to sell garage organization systems, you could purchase ready-made cabinets and either install them yourself, charging for both labor and material, or simply sell the cabinets for a profit.
  • Sell yourself as a professional in your field. If you specialize in data center design, write an e-book explaining the method in layman’s terms and sell it on the Internet, or look for additional employment as a paid lecturer.

With you’re looking to expand your business, success is possible even in today’s tight economy.

Let’s take an example of Cake Business

How Cake Shop Owners Can Boost Their Business

The success in every cake business lies on networking. Yes, there are potential bakers out there trying to do manage their cake shop business on a smaller scale but failed. The reason for this is not because of the poor quality of the product but because of poor exposure or marketing. If you are one among the many cake shop owners struggling to make ends meet, the smart solution for this is to advertise. No one will know your product if you don’t promote it or at least make it known to your neighborhood either by word of mouth or through the power of the internet.

The resource site for all cake shops is a blessing to budding cake shop owners. This is the perfect venue to let the public know the nearest cake shop that sells their specific cake that they are looking for. The resource site is simply bridges the gap between the consumer and the cake shop owner via online search.

For any cake shop owner, this is a gift, and if you are one of those who thrive for more exposure, this is the answer to your plea. You don’t have to spend much on advertisement or promotion because the resource site only needs your information. You can sign up for free and nothing more. This is a good networking venue where you can expand your customer up to the farthest radius if you wish to.

The demand for cake and other sweets are increasing what the resource site for all cake shops do is to strengthen your connection to your existing clients as well as potential clients near your area. Once your cake shop is listed in the directory consumers don’t have to spend more time looking for other cake shops. Exposure wise this is the perfect place for you to get the attention that you need.

Not all businesses have this kind of network that offers free listing. Apart from the free directory, budding cake shop owners can learn so many things in the avenue. There are articles on how to design or bake the most ordered cakes from other places, and you can simply copy the recipe and make one or tweak it to make it more palatable. Within the resource site, there are also tons of cake decoration ideas that come from other members who are expert in cakes and other products.

Making your cake shop grow does not only need the right skill on how to bake the perfect cake, it needs the right connection and networking for your products to get known, first within your block, and eventually to the whole town. Now, when you have the exposure that you needed what comes next is perfecting your customer service and continually engage your customers for them to have a repeat order. When you have a good product that is of value, professional service and friendly after-sales services coupled with a strong online presence, achieving your success is within reach.

Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional and writer working as a blogger and upcoming entrepreneur. I loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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