Is Flutter An Advanced Solution For Cross-Platform App Development In 2021?

Enhancement in smartphone users has impelled every organization to think of developing cutting-edge mobile applications. To survive in the existing competitive market, it became essential for every organization to use a smart approach. As cross-platform app development can ensure expected outcomes, businesses are left with a minimum reason to invest in the traditional app development process.

In recent years, with the tremendous growth and advancements in the app development domain, there are better choices in technologies to build cross-platform mobile apps. These days, Google’s Flutter is delivering outstanding performance and has become the best choice for both businesses and developers.

Why Is Flutter Suitable For Cross-Platform Development?

Before coming to a conclusion that whether you should select Flutter for the cross-platform app development or not, know about the specialties of Flutter that makes it a perfect choice:

  1. The new beta version of Flutter permits developers to make different applications that can run smoothly on different platforms with a single codebase.
  2. Flutter enhances the productivity of developers ten times more with “Hot Reload”. It’s an amazing quality that helps professionals to do modifications to the codes. The changes in code can be easily visible.
  3. Google’s Flutter has a broad range of highly scalable widgets libraries. The framework is even helpful for building customized UI with extensive themes.
  4. A framework like Flutter enhances the productivity rate by executing a fast development process. It has a highly effective and adjustable graphic processing unit that extends the user interface and allows it to work on different interfaces.
  5. While using the Flutter framework, mobile app development organizations get support with a broad range of IDEs like Xcode, Visual Studio Code, and Android Studio.
  6. Flutter is the best choice for cross-platform app development as it supports the Flutter Doctor command which is helpful in automating the quality-related test of the app. It helps in detecting the hitches in the app. Developers can easily identify the problems in an app and fix them accordingly.

How Flutter is a perfect solution for businesses?

Going through the above-mentioned benefits makes it clear that Flutter brings great outcomes for the whole app development process. Also, the performance of businesses will be enhanced.

Now, it’s time to follow the below-given points to understand the benefits of the Flutter framework for businesses:

Save Time And Ensures Quick Marketing

When you invest in mobile applications, you should pre-determine how efficiently and quickly you can launch your app in the app store to fulfill users’ needs. Other than that, you can manage time effectively that will help you in controlling the cost. The speed of app development using Flutter is comparatively faster than the traditional app development approach for iOS and Android platforms.

A Flutter framework uses a single codebase to develop different applications which can run smoothly over different major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and many more. Hence, it minimizes the need of writing code from scratch.

The additional time that goes into writing codes for distinctive apps can be saved easily as Flutter helps in reducing the need for testing apps for multiple platforms. Developers can do modifications in a single codebase and changes can be seen in another coding.

Can Develop A Server less App

Using Google’s firebase, Flutter made it possible for developers to make application design infrastructure scalable and server less. With the help of this framework, developers can easily integrate Firebase with the other tools and automate the mobile app development process. This will even help professionals to eliminate the requirement of building additional tools for backend support.

The main motive of combining Flutter with Firebase is that it helps developers to get major services associated with cloud-related functions, real-time database hosting, cloud storage, and more.

Lowers Cost To App Development

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an established organization, cost to app development has always been the biggest concern for you. But when you hire the Flutter app development company, it costs you one-fourth of the price that goes in developing a native app for both iOS and Android operating system.

For example, if traditional or native apps take 100 hrs for writing codes, Flutter app developers need to invest 40 hrs for writing codes of an application.

Also, the overall efficiency of a developer can be enhanced ten times using the Hot Reload feature. This specific feature of Flutter helps developers to make quick modifications in the backend and remove the recompilation needed. It leads to rising development time. This can be simply said that Hot Reload is an ideal feature of Flutter which saves time and money for startups.

Add Exceptional Experience

The UI of an app makes it attractive, engaging, and more interactive. With the integration of Material Design of Android and iOS’s Cupertino Widgets with Flutter, it is easy to get a native-app-like experience. Besides these things, the cross-platform app development framework gives the choice to select from multiple cross-platform tools. So, both startups and established businesses can expect to get the best UI and UX to empower their apps. Whether you are dealing in healthcare, retail, entertainment, eCommerce, or food, Flutter can facilitate you with enticing mobile UI.


Flutter allows you to build different types of mobile applications. It enables you to run them on all possible platforms. Developers are even showing interest in building powerful apps using this framework. The set of features available in Flutter is only going to enhance the value of businesses. So, choosing Flutter for app development will be a wise decision to ensure profit.

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