Top 12 Best Python Web Hosting Providers UK

Python Web Development

Python is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages in the world. The ease of use and simple interface are the two major factors why programmers prefer python over other programming languages. The simple syntax structure of python makes it the first choice of people who are starting to learn to code.

A recent StackOverflow analysis suggests that Python is the fastest growing programming language in the world. (Source) Python is extensively used by millions of people across the globe to host their websites. The structured flow for coding makes it easy for Python users to understand the syntax. Instead of using semantics, Python uses common English words to code. It does not use complicated punctuation either. Instead, Python leverages spaces and indexing approach to make the code more readable for the masses.

#1. BlueHost Python Hosting

BlueHost is a great choice for website developers who want to leverage multiple coding technologies to create and host their websites. The developers can easily use PHP, Ruby, Python as well as Perl programming stacks to develop their website. Use of multiple programming languages allows the developers to truly customise multiple elements of the user interface at a time. The developers can also use MySQL database to add additional functionalities to their codes for the website.

BlueHost has an extremely simple website creator interface that can offer a drag and drop functionality on the browser elements. The developers can also access a huge marketplace on BlueHost to download various themes as well as apps that can ease the overall web development experience. BlueHost is ideal for developers who want to focus extensively on the UX and UI of the website. Also, if you are wondering to purchase Bluehost Hosting at discount price then use a Bluehost coupon code.

#2. Liquidweb Hosting UK

Liquidweb is ideal for developers who are looking for extra support on their web hosting experience. It is great for novice web developers who are hosting a website for their first time. Liquidweb is one of the top choices of people who have an expertise in using the MySQL database to its full potential because it offers unlimited access to the database. Liquidweb performs best with the Python code since its own framework is built on Python. The friction less operation of subsequent Python code makes it ideal for developers looking for optimum website performance.

#3. iPage Cheap UK Host

iPage is another one of the popular Python-based website hosting service providers. Today, it hosts over 1.5 million domains. iPage is optimised for mainly two different platforms, Windows and Linux. The customised code structure for both these platforms makes it the primary choice for people who want to optimise their code for different platforms.

iPage works great with Python, Perl as well as PHP. The services of iPage are not particularly easy to use, however, it provides an excellent room for optimisation. Therefore, people who wish to rely on their service provides for good speed and UX can choose iPage to host their websites. iPage is one of the most affordable website hosting service providers and its basic plan starts at a mere 1.99$ per month.

#4. Cloudways Hosting Service

Cloudways is the first choice of web developers who wish to leverage the benefits of cloud technology on their platforms. Cloudways works great with WordPress too. The service provider has coupled it cloud and web hosting services with Python-based framework Django. The developers can install Django on their cloud servers with the click of a single button.

Cloudways is also ideal for cloning the websites multiple times. Therefore, developers who often deal with multiple similar websites, choose Cloudways to replicate the base template again and again. The cloning process cuts down the overall period for the development of a website by a significant amount.

#5. DreamHost Server Hosting UK

DreamHost is the primary choice of developers who are concerned about the security of their websites. It offers one of the best solutions for launching and maintaining the most secure websites on the internet. DreamHost is compatible with some of the most common Python-based frameworks including Django, Pylons, Flask and Turbogear.

The security measures that the developer can adopt with DreamHost include SSL certificates, DDoS protection, anti-spam protection and anti-malware protection. DreamHost is slightly costlier compared to its counterparts. However, the prices of its plan decrease based on the commitment level of the developer. The longest subscription plan that lasts for 3 years, brings down the cost of hosting a website by a significant amount.

#6. InMotion Hosting UK

If limited PHP and Python memory are the developer’s biggest concern, he/she should try InMotion Hosting. This service provider offers an unlimited memory space that the developer can leverage to create a huge well-optimized website. For developers who operate in a team-based structure, they can use the SSH to make the overall administration of the website simple to a major extent.

InMotion Hosting is extremely popular for its top-of-the-line backup services. It backs up the data every day so that the developer does not lose pertinent information in case of a failure. For less than 15 dollars a month, the developer can host unlimited Python-based websites with the services of InMotion Hosting.

#7. GoDaddy Hosting Inc.

GoDaddy is extremely popular in the developer community due to its intuitive interface and entertaining graphics. It is popular amongst the newbie developers too since GoDaddy runs regular advertisements on television as well as websites. It is ideal for developers who wish to make their websites accessible to a large audience across the globe.

GoDaddy is compatible with multiple hosting applications including cPanel, WordPress, Cloud Linux, Python, MySQL, etc. The service provider hosts an intuitive free website builder tool that is great for novice app developers. A dedicated SEO wizard helps the developers optimise their websites for search engines with the click of a single button. The VPS hosting plans by GoDaddy are extremely costly compared to the other service providers on the list. However, if the developer is targeting a global audience, this fee is totally worth the price.

#8. GreenGeeks Web Host

GreenGeeks is ideal for developers who love nature and want to do everything in their power to keep it intact. The USP of GreenGeeks comes from the fact that it is focused on developing energy efficient web hosting solutions that utilize sustainable sources of energy. The best features of the GreenGeeks provider is that it offers unlimited SSD, website transfer and domains to the customers.

Installing Python on the GreenGeeks services takes only a few minutes. The developer can also install other scripting languages like Joomla, Magento, Presta and Drupal on the platform. If he/she wants to leverage the SEO tools, GreenGeeks has a special provision that allows him/her to install multiple tools with a single click. If the overall uptime of the website is a major concern, GreenGeeks is the best option for the developer since it guarantees a 99.99% uptime. This kind of uptime with the combination of Magento based development makes it an ideal choice for people who wish to host their own e-commerce websites.

#9. Web Hosting Hub

WebHostingHub service provider is owned by the same people who own InMotion Hosting. This service provider is ideal for American customers since it has two data centres located on either coast of the continent. The Web Hosting Hub utilises SSD services that claim to provide a service that is 20 times faster than conventional service providers. They also claim that the websites hosted on this platform run 21% faster than the websites hosted on conventional platforms.

The service provider is great for developers who want to set up their own blog on the website for SEO-friendliness. The easy setup process makes it the first choice for novice developers who are focusing on developing their first website on the internet. Site migration is easy as 1-2-3 on this platform. Therefore, developers who aim to change their domain name of quality over time can easily use these services for starting their project. Web Hosting Hub is popular for its 90-day money back guarantee. It ensures that if the developer is not satisfied with the services, a full refund is initiated by the Web Hosting Hub team.

#10. HostGator UK Web Hosting

HostGator advertises its services as one of the more affordable and secure options on the internet. The main reason why developers go for HostGator is that it offers unlimited disk space to all its clients. Therefore, developers that have a lot of content to upload can easily store their files on the network in a secure fashion. HostGator is also the preferred choice for WordPress developers since it often runs campaigns that give up to 50% off on the already small price tag.

HostGator also provides a 24×7 support for developers that are hosting their first websites. HostGator also provides a VPS server hosting service for developers who are hosting their websites on an international level. It also provides a 45-day money back guarantee to the developers who are not satisfied with the services.

#11. InterServer

InterServer is popular for its cloud-based VPS Hosting service. The website interface feels intuitive and natural for people who have a habit of using the Windows machines. The similar terminology makes it easy for developers to control and understand the various aspects of web hosting on the platform. InterServer gives access to over 450 cloud-based applications for the WordPress platforms.

The plug and play interface of the InterServer services make it ideal for developers who want to create and host their websites within a very short timeframe. InterServer team provides technical support in the form of live chat, call as well as ticket based services. The team is popular for providing exceptional levels of support to e-commerce web developers.

#12. SiteGround

SiteGround is optimized for CMS (Content Management Systems) in a major way. It is the third largest web hosting service provider across the globe. SiteGround is compatible with the latest Python frameworks that help the developers leverage the latest features quickly and effectively.

SiteGround also has a dedicated YouTube channel with tonnes of videos and tutorials that help the developers start their projects quickly. This service coupled with a dedicated customer service department makes it easy for novice web developers to leverage the full potential of the platform efficiently. SiteGround offers a free CDN service that speeds up the overall UX of the website by a significant amount. This makes the platform, the first choice for web developers who wish to create competitive e-commerce websites. SiteGround’s dedicated servers are costly but highly efficient and competitive.

Hosting a website has gotten more and more simple over the past couple of years. Today, you can host your own website within a couple of hours. Choose any one of these service providers if you are proficient in Python programming. It is a good idea to have a content developer on your team who can developer SEO-friendly content for your website. A great service provider coupled with SEO-friendly practices can help your websites make a mark on the internet.

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