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About BlueHost [A Web Hosting Company]

Bluehost is a shared hosting company which is listed within the top 20 web hosting domains ever to hit the World Wide Web. Its sister company HostMonster & FastDomain is smaller in nature and has few clientele compared to Bluehost’s over 2 million domains worldwide. At a promotional price of $3.95 dollars per month, it sure is one of the cheapest and most affordable web hosting services available.

On its website,, they emphasize that there will be no hidden fees. That is absolutely true. You just pay the minimal monthly cost without any hassles. What you get are freebies which for starters include a domain name and unlimited bandwidth for data transfer.

Another thing to take note of is unlimited web storage for storing your files. A control panel is made available for customizing. It is a fully featured web-based cPanel that customizes your web interface.

The best features of Bluehost are free domain set-up, unlimited domain hosts, 1 account for multiple domains, unparalleled customer service, over 1,000,000 hosted domains, PHP version 5.4 and cPanel 11.42. These are all included.

Other features you’ll find with Bluehost are unlimited disk space, international name domain support, free drag and drop, add-on domains, sub-domains, parked domains, free blog, forum, chat, and 24/7 support including the use of the following software. Namely Guestbook, Forum, Mambo and Joomla unlimited hosting, PHP 5 Support, Ruby on Rails, Customizable Error Pages and others.

Just visit their website [click] and you’ll be awed at what services they offer. The features are really a must and at the same time really over-whelming.

Bluehost has been in the business of web hosting since 2003 and now it is aimed at providing quality content to its users and is now privately owned. Simulated by a proactive approach, they have grown through the years and will continue to develop as they move on.

If you’re looking for a web hosting company that can cater to your needs, as one reviewer puts it, there’s no other way than to say it than with Bluehost. It has a server speed which is absolutely fast. All the features come like goodies in a basket, all for you to enjoy.

According to another user, he was happy with Bluehost because even though he had problems at 3 a.m. in the morning, his questions were answered by the support team immediately. The support team was also very knowledgeable about the problems he had, aside from already being friendly and accommodating.

Another reaction is that Bluehost is a cutting edge technology. With all the great features offered, there’s no sense in missing out on Bluehost. Unlike other web hosting facilities, Bluehost is fast, efficient and beyond reproach. They are a solid web hosting company known for their service and incredible uptime percentages.

So are you now thinking of joining the growing web-hosting company, if you haven’t already? Well, stop thinking about it and sign up, it’s just a few clicks away. Surely you’ll be satisfied in finding the right solution for you.

Bluehost Support & Quality Customer Service

Do you know what Bluehost is? Besides being the most renowned web hosting service, it is capable of many features that can make a web master streamline their duties and easily multi-task. It is because as innovative as the mind already is, Bluehost recognizes that there’s always room for more creativity and ideas. As they say, life is a learning process and experience is the best teacher. So every time you click on the search box, you learn more and more. Bluehost is a determining factor in this learning because as readers can get acquainted with your website’s content, you continue to explore the features available from Bluehost to make that content even better in the future.

Bluehost is a 24 hour a day and seven day a week web site hosting service. So in case there are problems with your web site and need technical support, you can contact them anytime and from anywhere. They are a team dedicated to quality service and making their lives meaningful means serving you with the utmost courtesy. It is because they care for you and your needs that no one can beat them at being there for their customers.

They also have courtesy site back-ups, which automatically stores your data onto a site with a round the clock monitoring service.

At Bluehost, they provide you with Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections. It is similar to a frame based computer networking device for local area networks. It allows for a numbering and signalling system for the physical layer of the standard networking module together with common addressing format and different Medium Access Control schemes at the lower area of the Data Link. Gigabit Ethernet refers to various frames in which Ethernet is calculated on a gigabyte per second. One Gigabit Ethernet denotes a billion bits per second, which means 10 Gigabit Ethernet = 10 Billions GEB.

So how do you know that your site is being recognized all over the world? You better start with Bluehost’s site promotion. Site promotion is a means by which you can introduce or direct your readers to a link for your site. Bluehost does this through search engine submission. This allows for the webmaster to have an automatic submission to the search engines so that people can find your sites more quickly.

Bluehost has been serving their clients for 15 years and in those years of service, very few were dissatisfied with the product. It is because they know the problems of hosting and realize that even a single rotten apple in the bunch can spoil everything. So they have maintained resource protection where a single user cannot cause problems to other innocent clients. That is why they are now limiting those who consume too much memory in order to give you the protection from with the problems made by other abusive users.

At Bluehost, they work and live for you, the clients. Everything is all about service, satisfaction and guarantees. It’s all part of a promise they are willing to make.

Bluehost’s State Of The Art [Bluehost Com]

Bluehost was born in the dark age of the web hosting, an age where there was no such exposition of web hosting, unlike the world we live in today. Today, Bluehost is one of the leading web solutions service providers. It is one of the leading web hosting companies which is owned by Endurance International Group and now, successfully hosting well over 2 million domains.

Behind, enormous companies like Bluehost there are the array of factors which make it one of the largest web hosts. When it comes to the state of Art, Bluehost is indisputably one of the most up to date in terms of features or upbringing technologies. Let’s take a vivid look in at some of the prompt features:

  • Linux Operating System: Linux being an open source system, has over 1,000 developers, it gives an endless scope of customization to the developers. Linux is used in desktop settings. Linux has become an integral part of Bluehost and a force to be reckoned with and is currently powering everything from the Stock Exchanges to the consumer devices, and from the gargantuan supercomputers to the mobile phones.
  • Apache Web Services: Apache Web Services is the most popular Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Server in the world today. Apache performs equally well for dynamic as well as static content serving independent from any platform. Besides all this, Apache also optimizes the CPU and puts fewer loads on CPU usage.
  • Dual-Quad Performance Processor: It is equal to having two microprocessors, which ensures the speed stability. The processor needs to be fast since it is the fulcrum of the CPU. The faster the processor works, the CPU responds with the same promptness. Dual Quad Performance Processor never lets a compromise with the speed and reliability as it has two cores of the processor.
  • UPS Power Backup: UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. As suggested by the name it gives an emergency power backup in case of the voltage fluctuations or the disturbance in the electricity supply. Bluehost’s servers are capable of backing up this power source so that their servers, as well as your data, have the shortest downtime as possible. This is because UPS’ on-battery runtime is relatively short, usually no more than 15 minutes, which allows for auxiliary power sources to be brought online effectively also this fifteen minutes time can be used to save the file and shut down in case there is no auxiliary power supply, so that from the next time the person can resume the work from where she/he has left.
  • Diesel Generator Backup Power: A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically. An automatic transfer switch senses the power loss and then commands the generator to start. After that, it transfers the electrical load to the generator. And these things happen within seconds of a utility outage. The standby generator begins supplying power to the circuits. After utility power returns, the automatic transfer switch transfers the electrical load back to the utility and signals the standby generator to shut off. It then returns to standby mode where it awaits the next outage. Bluehost use high quality of diesel generator backup power to ensure that no data is lost.

So these are some of the prominent and vivid features that have been described and these are the factors which have replaced the dark age of web hosting with a more better way, in a way in which even a layman can comprehend, understand and use the web hosting services to its efficiency and effectiveness. With the constant update coming in the field of technology and Bluehost constantly keeping itself updated in the state of art technology, Bluehost are expected to continue their dominance in the world of web hosting.

Bluehost UK: Keeping Up With Modern Times

Bluehost gives many extra and supplementary features and functions. It is a new home to E-commerce. E-commerce is a wide spectrum that refers to the scale of products and services over the internet online through distributors, mediators and retailers. It includes all the processes of marketing, selling, developing, delivering and serving and many other mediating works such as advertisement and also gives the paying facility for these products and services. The web has been a rendezvous for electronic banking which is today popularly known as e-banking system or internet banking system, chain management, online transaction and their processing, interchange of electronic data or popularly known as e-data and also the collection of e-data. It is just everything you need to fulfill your online shopping desire.

Here are some of the great features of Bluehost; all of them are essential, useful and important for the e-commerce (electronic commerce):

  1. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is a secure server as it creates a highly secured connection between the client and the server. Secure Socket Layer is used to send private data all across the Internet. It is developed by the Netscape. There are two encryptions of the data that are used. The most prominent and common use of Secure Sockets Layer is to privately encrypt the credit card and debit card details so that the trust is maintained between the customers and the merchant.
  2. Now after Secure Socket Layer, OsCommerce is yet another powerful tool. OsCommerce is a collaboration of an e-commerce and an online store management platform which is highly recognized as a dominant tool. With PHP and MySQL installation running properly, it can be used and run on any web server directly. It has changed. The change is significant, since its release in 2000. It is now made up of a program characterized by object oriented and back end templates and themes which enable easy layout mechanisms and user name, ID and password definitions during the process of installation. Now, what we can do is, we can jack up OsCommerce with the OS Commerce Shopping Cart where we can hold all our shipping terms electronically. If OS Commerce Shopping seems very limited and is not enough for us, we can also experiment with Agora, Cube Cart and Zen Cart Shopping for all our shopping needs and desires.
  3. As Bluehost is one of the largest web hosts, it also comes with a Free Generated Certificate. Now it’s important to know what a Free Generated Certificate means. A Free Generated Certificate is a very useful thing; it is actually a Secure Socket Layer Certificate. These certificates can be made readily available and can be retrieved through a creative cPanel. Through putting password protected directories and using the ID, password and username, many webmasters are able to protect relevant directories and only the person who is necessary need of getting, availing and using these resources can access the domain website. Lastly, it is good to note that it can have open PGP/GPG encryption, which is used for the non-proprietary protocol for typing electronic mails through the massive use of cryptography. Such protocols allow the very established formats for encrypted messages and for certificates, signatures and also for transfer and exchange of public keys.

Bluehost has always kept itself updated with the modern times and continues to do so with improvisation in its products regularly. As in the case of electronic commerce platforms, modernization is always paving its way, what needs to be done is to give updates of the software and also to update itself, since Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies. If you join Bluehost’s web hosting service now, you will surely make your internet experience a pleasant one. You need to sell, shop, market, advertise, and rest all that’s there also taking in care that the internet is the plethora of opportunities, so what you need to do is to take the wise decisions at wise time.

Bluehost Support To Create Dynamic Website

Bluehost is the leader in web hosting services but did you know that they also support some plethora of multimedia features from where one can create dynamic websites? These features will enable your website to be as dynamic as the scope lies. Their help desk will let you determine and know which multimedia features are perfectly suitable for the website. The support, help and the aid that is provided in the free plan, within their website hosting plans like streaming audio, gifs and videos support, real audio, and Midi file support. Bluehost also gives us the ability to add our own custom MIME types.

Streaming media itself refers more to the delivery method of the medium, such as audio, gifts or video rather than to the medium itself. Multimedia streaming is a good way that enables you to start watching or hearing videos, images, gifs or audio output before the file is completely downloaded to the computer, as was needed in the past. The delivery system of both audio and video allows both of them to function with perfect coordination.

Streaming media comes from the compression of both the video and audio codes, which for a dabbler in the process of compression or decompression of large download able files. Bluehost supports streaming of the media in almost all of its possible formal capabilities.

Bluehost also supports real audio, gifs and videos within their website construction features. Real audio and video are almost similar as streaming media. Unlike streaming media though, it involves digital quality that is transmitted from a server over the internet to a particular place and then is played immediately. It is not stored to disk prior to being played.

One of the fabulous features that they offer is Midi file support. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which is a set of protocols by which electronic equipment, musical equipment and computers can harmonize and gel together with each other. MIDIs are particularly useful within the music industry for the playback artists who sing songs and create their album and offer it on their websites. The MIDI file is indicative of a set of events that interpret the different steps that a device must take to be able to generate and playback certain sound effects.

A distinctive popular multimedia feature that Bluehost supports is adding custom Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions (MIME). Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions are used to tell apps all over the internet browsers that how to handle certain extensions, unlike Apache servers handlers that tell the server how to handle these files. It is beneficial when a new type of technology in the field of the internet is launched, which happens on a regular basis.

Throughout the multimedia universe, Bluehost is all that we need to compete with the other biggies out there at an affordable price. Bluehost is extremely well-rounded product and it’s best for dynamic websites. Bluehost is the leader in web hosting for a reason and these elaborated facts, figures and descriptions are apt and enough for us to know how Bluehost makes hosting dynamic website so much easier job.

Bluehost Mail: More Is Better

Bluehost is actually very less expensive as it gives many features at an affordable pricing. With the minimum amount that we pay, we get various freebies. These include the following:

  • Message Forum (PHPBB and More): This deals with the utility of forums, platforms or a message board where people can converse in the format of posted messages. They are distinctive from chat rooms in the sense that those posted before it must be approved by a moderator, a person who looks after the conversation and comments. In Bluehost’s platform, a moderator is not required. PHPBB is another free and open source forum or platform which is easy and lucid to use, dynamic and highly customizable. Other forums and platforms set-ups are available on the web.
  • Social Networking: It’s important and essential for highly customizable basics like a non-encryption and open source script, multiple customizable themes and layouts, new blogs, chats and forum platforms, easy to install, powerful administration panels and others used to get into sites like Instagram, Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook,Flickr and Friendster, etc. Social networking indeed is a vital sector and can’t be ignored.
  • Moodle: Another important and interesting feature which is a short form and the full form stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is essential as an electronic learning system popularly known as e-learning or course management platform for educating online students in various technological courses all around. Such courses move around the aim to concentrate on interaction and collaboration of ideas, thoughts and content towards progressive development.
  • Tikiwiki: Another must know and interesting feature is called Wiki for short and is an open source platform wiki-based content management system used for managerial purposes. It’s an online office process for management tools, the creation of good content, and verification of this content grammatically, navigation aids, communication tools, as well as configuration, compatibility and administration of status.
  • Drupal: Just another feature, CMS scale open source system which is used to back up systems like those used in blogging from the areas of corporate to government data, or sometimes also used in large private firms.
  • Joomla: This is one thing Bluehost can be bragged about. It is another CMS for the publication of content, data, and interpretation of data or information on the internet. It is also known as an independent web application framework and is a very popular feature.

Through Bluehost, you are also offered and served Scripts Blog Support like WordPress, b2evolution and more that are used for blogging sites. Mailing Lists Image Galleries like Copper mine and more are for your albums of pictures, images, graphics and other forms in an efficient manner. Polls and Survey Software which allow you to create quizzes, surveys and polls for your readers to vote on regarding their ideas, insights and opinions as it helps in improving the insights.

Other features include Project Management Scripts which helps in delivering content in time while Help Center/Support Ticket Scripts mainly focused and used to process client requests.

Bluehost offers all these. As they say, more is better and most are best. So join Bluehost and find out how much more they offer you as the token of gratitude.

Bluehost & Living The Life You Wanted

Bluehost offers the most affordable and reliable web hosting services and solutions. At $6.95 dollars per month, you get nothing in the name of hidden fees. Just free instant set-up, installation and money back guarantee in case you sign up now. But more than that, it is really a web hosting to engage in and avail the special benefits.

It supports Javascript, which is a scripting language that tackles all the world class functionality. Through this prototype basis, it provides the user with the interfaces and powerful websites. Computational objects are made enjoyable and pleasant in this hosting environment. This application type also allows for the significance and importance of installing PDF documents, widgets for desktops and site-specific searches. In the programming language, Javascript uses syntaxes or predefined set of rules, annotated by the influence of C. Its dynamic typing is clearly associated with the values only, not the variables. It has a beautiful function that executes statements provided as run-time strings.

It also has DHTML Support, which is a term that involves collaboration and joining to make interactive and animated websites. It uses the static markup language signified as HTML, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, which is itself a client-side scripting language, a language of definition and the object model based on the various documents. It allows the scripting language to be performed and made up into variables. Thus, affecting the look and function of static HTML content after the pages have been loaded, shown and manifested during the whole viewing process.

Another way out is Flash Support. You can take the example of Adobe Flash which is a multimedia platform used for adding animation and multimedia, video and interactivity to your pages easily. Known for its ability to develop gaming and advertisements, it has become part of rich internet applications and is becoming famous and recognized more day by day. It consists of animation of text, drawings and still images which shows vector and raster graphics. Having bi-directional streaming of audio and video, it can capture moments, movements and changes inputted through a keyboard, a mouse, a camera and a microphone or any other kind of input device.

A new term that has been included with the package is Shockwave Support. It is another result of Adobe’s brainstorming which is also for animation, multimedia and interactivity of media put onto your web pages. It gives the Adobe Director a chance to be published and viewed on any computer web browser where a Shockwave plug-in or any of its kind is installed. Technically for making online animations and movies, and fancying the art of multimedia, it has revolved around game development platforms. But even charting, bar graphing, Statistics or calculation can be supported by this platform which also simulates real world physics.

Simple Scripts 1-Click Script Installs is another area where Bluehost won’t be ignored in any circumspect. Whether you have a personal or business web site, you can access many top applications just in a single click. It is known as a hosted service, which means that whether or not your hosting site supports it, you can still add applications to your existing web hosting account.

There are many realms by which Bluehost can help you immensely. All you have to do is sign up for the web hosting service, on the internet and things will come to you. Just by doing so, you get to have all the features, functions and Bluehost will always come in handy for anything in living the life you wanted.

What Make BlueHost Hosting Different?

Bluehost has been hosting hundreds of thousands of websites for clients all over the world. The company boasts of having a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that is able to support data rates of up to 2Gbps. The main data center in Utah is made reliable by equipping it with quad processor servers, mirrored storage back-ups, 24/7 monitoring services, and a diesel-powered backup generator that is always on standby mode whenever the mains power supply fails.

Today, a number of other companies have tried to adopt the strategies that have made Bluehost this successful but none of them have even come closer to offering a real threat. The fact that Bluehost relies on cutting edge technology to provide reliable hosting services, it is able to price its coupons much lower than the competing firms. Thus, the company has maintained its dominance in the industry especially in Utah and across the states.

BlueHost Visualization/Thinking

If there is one company that fully understands the technological transformations that have taken place over the past few years, then it definitely is Bluehost Company. Since its inception in the year 1996 and then finally Bluehost founded in 2003, when developments in computing technology were taking shape, the company has observed first-hand the rising demand for web hosting services.

About One decades ago, websites were only considered to be marketing tools that were used by corporations and other business entities to promote their products. As such, there were quite a few webmasters and an even fewer number of website hosting companies. In the world of today, where ICT seems to be the most illustrious industry, the percentage of personal websites being launched and hosted is at an increasing trend.

Why BlueHost Have Huge Number of Clients?

So, just what hosting services does Bluehost offer its huge number of happy clients? The unequalled services include:

  • Free domain name registration services
  • Free online marketing credits
  • Free templates that you can use to design your website
  • Unlimited creation and maintenance of Bluehost webmail accounts.
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Easy to Login BlueHost webmail or email account.
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth, and
  • Unlimited GB of free storage web space

All these amazing services come with a coupon of about $3.95 (current promotional price) per month. This is by far the most affordable rates that are available considering the quality of services as well as the entire package that we have just highlighted above. Both novice and expert web designers will find that Bluehost provides a very convenient web hosting service pack.

Starters can benefit from the shared hosting package that comes at $7.49 per month. The deal is even made sweeter if you opt to sign up for a two-year subscription cutting down the monthly costs from $7.49 to $ 6.99. Extend this to three years and a further $1 will be saved per month. The goodies don’t stop there as special discounts, and promotional offers are available from time to time.

BlueHost Reviews: Price And Plans

To show that they are the true champions of web hosting, Bluehost has designed three flexible shared hosting plans that users can choose from. There is the starter pack that provides hosting services for a single website. 50 GB of storage space is freely provided with this package plus an unlimited bandwidth.
The other two are a plus pack and prime pack that can be used to host an unlimited number of websites. The two provide unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth to ensure that users get optimum browsing experiences while accessing the web pages. The PRIME subscription costs about $5.95 per month while the PLUS package costs $5.95 monthly.

BlueHost Price and Plans UK

Before discounts, the packages above used to cost slightly more than the prices listed above. The thing that has probably contributed to the success of Bluehost is that they regularly review their discounts to ensure that the price cuts offered are satisfactory to their clients. This is to say that clients are almost guaranteed of amazing offers on the regular.

Being A Major Player

Being a major player in the industry itself, Bluehost has established itself as one of the most credible web hosting companies that offer quality web hosting services to private individuals and other entities at an affordable rate. The company’s coupons, which are meant to give users access to the web hosting services, have always been computed with the intent of providing clients with the best rates.

Let’s tone down on the technical jargon that seems to be dominating the article and take a few steps back in order to bring everyone on board. So, what do we understand by web hosting? Before a web page is made available on the internet, several complex steps and measures are taken to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Webmasters Or Programmers

Creative Thinking of BlueHost Web Hosting
Webmasters or programmers will design a website, according to the user requirements. The programmer’s code is then compiled using a compiler so that it can be displayed on a computer upon request. For the content of the website to be visible to all, it must be maintained on a public server where people can access it from.

The company that owns the public server is called a hosting company, and the whole process is referred to as web hosting. It is the responsibility of the hosting company to ensure that the website is available around the clock and that users can access it in the most efficient way. Obviously you will have to part with a fee of a certain amount depending on the company.


To put a bit of pricing on the cake, Bluehost provides a 100% money-back offer to unsatisfied clients that is valid for the first month of the subscriptions. In conclusion, this company has really proved to be a major force to be recommend with when it comes to web hosting services.

Review Content

5 5 1
I rarely wait for more than 20 minutes for my issue to be handled. The speed is quite fast, even on the personal plan and the reliability is incredible. Simply the best provider of hosting I have ever worked with!

4 5 1
So, so far I got very fast ticket response times combined with cheap pricing. I also browsed their knowledge base to read about problems and I get the feeling that bluehost web hosting is a great choice to host websites

3 5 1
I am satisfied with hosting on Bluehost. It is easy and fast, but price and not good that's why I am giving you 3-star rating

Healthy Support Service Of BlueHost

4 5 1
I just start building my site. I am currently on a shared account, but considering the great quality of customer service. I was offered will definately be upgarading to the all the features plan. Thumbs up for them

Nice Host Provider

4 5 1
I'm hosting two websites with and I have never had a problem. They seem to be very reliable. The email and tickets support is terrific - very fast and very knowledgeable. They seem to have a really well-managed operation


1 5 1
worst host I've used! I first went with another provider, which according to reviews was supposed to be well performing. It worked for a while, but then the server I was on went down. I submitted a ticket, and after several days, I didn't get a response. After studying several user review sites, I went to hostgator, and I've never been happier! I've contacted support a couple of times in the evening and weekends, and they've responded and processed my requests within 15 minutes (by email!) So far, I haven't experienced any downtime, and the servers are fast......

poor Service

1 5 1
Their storage space is good enough but their uptime and customer service makes it worst. I never seen support service like bluehost and wouldn't recommend it to anyone......


4 5 1
Bluehost have hosted two of our sites for over 4 years now. All I can say is they have given us no end of support, we have had no downtime and I have nothing but praise for them. Well done guys Dave.....

Friendly Support

5 5 1
We were fairly new to all this but after choosing the design team at bluehost to build our website they took us through the complete procedure, from the registration of our web name to the hosting of our website and even after 3 years with them their friendly support has never waned. and a big thanks to you to help me.

Nice Job

5 5 1
I researched hard before finally deciding to employ bluehost to design and host my website. They understood my requirements very early on and have beaten my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would listen and even i am satisfied with bluehost's support service. I recommend bluehost to all.

Nice Web Host But Poor Support Service

3 5 1
Great host which is both cheap and reliable. Would recommend to all. A+++++..... But as "Blake Cis" said support service of bluehost is not too well. I had some problems in my bluehost webmail login then i contact to bluehost support & but they did nothing. So, poor support.

Not To Bad

3 5 1
Brilliant host, oh so helpful. Would recommend to any one, speed and uptime is un-believable. Seriously did not think you could get this kind of performance out of a budget host...... But Still have some problems in technical support service. So, if you are in some trouble then you have to solve it by own.

Good Service

4 5 1
Great Host, Great Price, Great Service. Will definitely be using them again. Don't make the mistake and go for unlimited solutions like I first did as we all know nothing is unlimited and they just shut your site down. Go for some one like bluehost that allocate you a specific amount of space......

Worst Support Service By Bluehost

1 5 1
I can tell you that Bluehost is one of the worst hostings provides I ever seen in the UK. Last day my website was hacked by someone else. Suddenly contact with Bluehost and they replied me that we are unable to do anything in that case.

Best Host Provider And Thanks For It

4 5 1
I started a new business about four months ago and decided to sign up for a free month of web hosting. I went with BLueHost and found it to be exactly what I was looking for! My sites have never been down, the billing process is extremely easy and the service is exceptional. They have 24 hour service and it is simple to speak with someone online through chat or you can also call the 1-800 # – great!! Won’t change to another company! I honestly have zero complaints or things I would change.

Bluehost UK

4 5 1
I have been using Bluehost wemail for a few years now and have no complaints. The support is excellent and the price is fantastic. You get unlimited domains for a very low monthly price. My sites are pretty much always 100% running and it is very easy to use. I would recommend trying it out.

Thanks for Bluehost reviews

5 5 1
I had my site crash at 4am and Bluehost had it up and running for me in less than 30 minutes! Excellent support and great bang for your buck.