Today, in this internet world, many of website hosting providers offering best plan to its users with finest bandwidth and space for your website. One really needs to the find out the right host provider which offers good services & also support for all the problems you would overcome and know all about them. And for that, we are here to tell you about top shared hosting companies.

What Is Shared Web Hosting

In paid version of web hosting, Shared hosting comes first in mind that anyone can choose to host their website online. When we talk about price, affordable, basic web hosting features – shared hosting one of the preferable solution.

As its name suggests, shared hosting is a service contract to share links, space and different network resources with other paying customers. The structure of the model is at a low cost, which is usually easy to maintain, even for inexperienced users. Although the price is usually reasonable Packed do not play in power, because they are loaded with many useful features. The economic value of design and ease of this seamlessly shared hosting is a good solution for most individuals and small businesses.Β Shared hosting has several alternative names. Some are referred is as virtual hosting services or derive host.

Without any kind of risk or interruption, hundreds of visitors can easily access the same server at once and this feature makes it amazing. Shared hosting is very simple to use as one has access to the control panel through which admin can easily add another domain name and host a new website.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting involves the use of a single server for serving different websites and helps the people to save a lot of their money and time. The same operating system and software need to be used by the different websites that make use of shared hosting.

There are a number of advantages of shared hosting, which makes it an intelligent choice for hosting websites. It has been found that involving shared hosting for web hosting it is possible to save a considerable amount of money. Compared to other web hosting methods, shared hosting is found to be very cheap. The main reason behind this is that it is very easy to share a server with other websites rather than having a single dedicated server for each website.

If you have a individual servers for different websites, you have to bear the costs for their maintenance on your own. These maintenance costs are very expensive and so you have to spend a considerable amount of money over it. If on the other hand you share a server with other websites, the maintenance cost also gets divided, and you will be able to save money for yourself.

When you use shared hosting, you can always be assured of finding the server performance to be excellent. As one server is shared by several websites, there is only the need to maintain one server. This makes it possible for the web hosting company to devote quality time to assure that the server is performing well under all circumstances. The company wants to get more customers for its shared web hosting and thus would provide quality service at all times to ensure a good supply of customers.

Another interesting advantage that is offered by web hosting companies that provides share hosting to the different websites is access to feature like multiple assistances for email, PHP and MySQL. These features are not obtained enjoyed by those who select any other web hosting method rather than shared hosting.

If you desire to use a dedicated server for helping you in hosting your website, you need to have a good knowledge about server administration and website assistance. These knowledge would help you to ensure that your website does not crash down at any point of time. But with share hosting you do not have to worry about all this. There will be a single server administrator, who would handle the common servers for all websites, thus making shared hosting advantageous compared to any other hosting techniques.

Thus it is seen that compared with most web hosting methods, shared hosting is definitely advantageous.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Due to its advantages over other web hosting methods, it is found that a large number of people prefer shared hosting. But like all other web hosting methods, shared hosting too has its share of disadvantages, which could force you to think whether it is the best choice for web hosting.

There are many options when it comes to web hosting and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. So, you should make your choice on the method that you think would suit you.
The various disadvantages that may force you to consider your decision, of choosing shared hosting as your favored web hosting method, make for an interesting read.

One of the major concerns when it comes to sharing server for web hosting is the security. As a lot of websites share the same server, it becomes very difficult to keep the server secure. Thus there is always the chance of experiencing a security threat if you are using shared hosting. There is always the chance of a security breach occurring as it is not possible to efficiently monitor all the websites that share a common server for web hosting.

Another major disadvantage that one has to face for using shared hosting is the limitation of the resources. As all the websites are using the same resource, it becomes difficult to get full access to the resources. The various websites have to contend with limited use of the several resources that are shared by them. This limited use of resources will thus not provide you to get the independence to use them as and when you want.

Shared hosting restricts you to have to use the software that is provided to you by the hosting company. You would not be able to use any other software that you wish to use. This is indeed a very great disadvantage and is one of the major reasons, why people think a lot before deciding to go ahead with shared hosting. The server is maintained by the company hence they do not allow you to use any other program on the server.

Another disadvantage of shared hosting is that you would not be able to use the several ports and connections the way you want to use them.

When one considers all these disadvantages, it seems that shared hosting should not be chosen as a web hosting method. Even then many people are found to go ahead with it as it is very cost effective on their part.


No matter what pros and cons of shared hosting are, this kind of hosting best option for beginners, individuals, small businesses and medium traffic sites. Because the best hosting company always provides technical support for its hosting. So, you don’t have to worry about technical errors you might get in the future.

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