We are living in a digital world. Starting from messaging to sharing news, most of the information is shred digitally. One such digital means of reporting is blogging. The most common and easy blogging platform in the present times is WordPress. Quite a large chunk of population is using the services of WordPress. Starting from famous blogs to news outlets, music sites to fortune 500 companies, celebrities to business tycoons are using WordPress. One of the most important and impressive facts about WordPress is that you get the services for absolutely free of any charges. WordPress can be used in two ways. It can be downloaded for self-hosted installations and can be used as a hosted service. However it is a totally different business the effort put in to find the best WordPress hosting. The hoisting should be done in such a way that it does justice to the content that is being submitted and provide a solid reliability to the content.

Pros & Cons For Best WordPress Hosting In UK

One must understand the fact that hosting is going through the most competitive phase. A absolutely new era of WordPress based companies have emerged who have raised the value by a substantial amount in the prospect of price and performance. The matter of concern is the difficulty in going through the different facilities provided and shortlisting the most important and best suited package. This article will focus on the WordPress hosting and server types, the comparison of managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting, sharing WordPress hosting VPS WordPress hosting and Dedicated WordPress hosting. But before jumping into the main topic of discussion, it is necessary to understand a few important requirements for the WordPress hosting. It is mind boggling to consider the fact that WordPress is a very light-weight script and is compatible with nearly all the good website hosting companies. However to be precise it is necessary for a developer to have PHP version of 7 or greater or MySQL version of 5.6 or greater. Because of the huge popularity of WordPress, nearly every webhosting company provides an easy 1 click install option for WordPress.

Another fact that needs special attention is considering when to choose the WordPress hosting provider. At this point it is not surprising that the speed, security and reliability are the most important facts considered while choosing the WordPress hosting. Yet the most important factor that needs to be considered is the need for hosting. Evaluating and analyzing the needs for the purchase of a WordPress hosting can save a substantial amount of money. Therefore it is time to evaluate the needs for WordPress hosting.

The different types of web hosting options that are available are managed, unmanaged, free, shared, VPS and Dedicated.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Because of the high popularity of WordPress, different website hosting providers have opted for specializing in WordPress and provide the service of managed WordPress hosting. A managed WordPress hosting is a combined service where all the technical features of running WordPress is managed by the host. This is inclusive of the security, speed, WordPress updates, scalability, daily backups and website uptime. The main motive of managed WordPress hosting is to provide an absolute hassle free experience so that the owner can concentrate on running the business rather than dedication time on controlling and managing the website and its contents. One of the best features of managed WordPress hosting is the fact that it provides a premium support. This support is provided by not some regular guy with knowledge about web hosting but by experts and professionals who specialize in WordPress premium hosting. People who have already used the services that managed WordPress hosting describes it as five star experience. However when all the specialties are discussed, it would be unfair not to discuss the negative facts about managed WordPress. The first disadvantage about managed WordPress hosting worth mentioning is the price. The price of managed WordPress hosting is really very high and starts for $29/month whereas for a shared hosting plan the price is just $3.95/month. However it should be mentioned if you compare the expenses of hiring a good system administrator who manages the website for you with the price of owning a managed WordPress web hosting then you would realize that it is nearly negligible. The second fact that should be discussed is the limits. Since the server architecture is based on WordPress, many times it the owner is bound or limited to run just WordPress based websites. Moreover every WordPress plugin cannot run because the managed WordPress hosting providers block certain plugins to prevent interference, thereby slowing the website. Finally the limited control over the website is another issue. Since the web hosting is managed by experts, therefore the owners have very limited control over the website.

Unmanaged WordPress Web Hosting

The unmanaged hosting provides nearly no special services. An unmanaged WordPress hosting consists of just a server with only operating system installed. Therefore the owner needs to install the necessary software on their own. His purpose of it being called unmanaged because it provides nearly no service associated to management and the administrator needs to manage and control the contents of the website.

Free WordPress Hosting

The important fact about the WordPress hosting is the flexibility of the services. Even free web hosting services is provided. But nothing comes for free. There is always a special hidden fact that the administrator needs to be aware of. Generally the free WordPress hosting is offered in online forums or small groups. In majority of the cases these are controlled by a person who is responsible for selling a small part of the server to cover up some of the revenue. However the fact that should be paid attention to is that the buyer will have to put the advertisement of the owner at some position of the web page. These people sell the advertisement to make up for the cost of the free service provided to the administrator or owner of the webpage. The biggest disadvantage of a free website is the unreliability. It is not known when the owner of the webpage will stop providing the free services. An ardent owner of a website should avoid the free web hosts.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is the most popular type of WordPress hosting among beginners. That is because it is the most affordable WordPress hosting present in the digital market. It is the place where a large server is shared among different sites. Although the shared WordPress hosting claims to be unlimited, yet there are a few limitations. If the website starts taking server load then the service providers would ask the owner to upgrade the subscription. If such an action is not taken then it would lead to a bad performance of the other websites which is not a good or recommended factor.

VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is used to refer a virtual or imaginary machine. It is the technique of partitioning a physical server computer into different servers according to the needs to the servers. Although this is a form of shared hosting, yet it is almost similar to that of dedicated server hosting. It also has separate privacy policies. It is a good option for medium and professional bloggers.

Dedicated WordPress Server Hosting

Dedicated WordPress server hosting is the most advanced WordPress server that is available. In this server hosting a separate system is provided to the individual users. It requires quite a lot of skill to operate a dedicated WordPress server. In case a blogger or owner does not have the idea of web hosting might have to employ an administrator. The dedicated servers are mostly used by the users who avail the services of managed WordPress hosting.

Now that you have the proper idea and working of the different types of WordPress hosting, it is time that you sit, think over about the most suitable WordPress server and start your website, blogging or hosting WordPress server.

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